4WDrive - - Install -

We noted ear­lier the drive shaft hit the ex­haust with the front sus­pen­sion dropped. To keep the ex­haust clear we need to move it to the rear us­ing the new ex­haust spac­ers. The longer spacer goes on the pas­sen­ger side. We used a bit of Ul­tra Cop­per sealant (a high temp gas­ket maker) on the spac­ers to en­sure there’s no ex­haust leaks.

Re­move the old brake lines and in­stall the new ex­tended brake lines and brack­ets. The omis­sion here with the new bracket is there is no al­lowance for the ABS sen­sor line. We sub­sti­tuted black zap straps in place of proper brack­ets un­til we come up with a bet­ter idea.

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