4WDrive - - Review -

Mount the hawse fair­lead on the bumper.

Awe­some start. The fair­lead doesn’t line up with the space in the bumper. For­tu­nately it was Sun­day so a good time to get ho­ley.

The in­struc­tions say mount the winch to frame/bumper next, but a test fit showed it was a su­per snug fit. We mounted the so­le­noid first. You have the op­tion of an over the line, or over the mo­tor mount. We went over the mo­tor to keep the ca­bles closer to the bat­tery, and mounted the ap­pro­pri­ate brack­ets.

The wires are colour coded for an idiot-proof pro­ce­dure.

The 3” Teraflex lift made work­ing from be­low a snap with­out jack­ing up the Jeep. In­sert the nuts into the winch mount and bolt the winch to the bumper from be­low.

With some black zap straps, fol­low the fac­tory wiring har­ness to the bat­tery.

Keep clear of the pul­leys and ex­haust man­i­fold. You can gain ac­cess through the fender well to fol­low the wiring har­ness to the bat­tery. Blood from jam­ming your hand in this tight space helps lu­bri­cate re­triev­ing your hand when you’re done. The best pro­ce­dure is to trick your sig­nif­i­cant other into do­ing it for you while you ‘di­rect’ from above.

Bolt the ca­bles to the clos­est avail­able bat­tery ter­mi­nals. The ca­ble lengths are just per­fect.

The Teraflex Bumper has no li­cence plate mount­ing op­tions so we went to Staang’s Fab in Burling­ton, ON for a fair­lead plate holder. The off­set in the TF bumper re­quired mi­nor mod­i­fi­ca­tion and the re­sult was a per­fect fit.

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