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One of the great parts of my job is the amount of travel and ex­plo­ration I get to ex­pe­ri­ence. I’m lit­er­ally on the road for two-thirds of the year, and only get to sleep in my own bed for a third… if I’m lucky. Like I said, I love that, how­ever it also comes with some draw­backs.

For those of you who fol­low our project ve­hi­cles, you’ll prob­a­bly have no­ticed that Big Mack’s SEMA JK and Man­child’s… sorry… edi­tor Iron’s Stinky Jeep have been fill­ing these pages fairly deeply as of late. But Project Eco Zuk has been no­tice­ably ab­sent over the last cou­ple is­sues.

When you de­cide to dig into a project as big as Eco Zuk, it is im­por­tant to get all your ducks in a row be­fore you even turn a bolt. You need to en­sure that you have all the nec­es­sary parts laid out and ready to go. You should have the fi­nances set aside to not just pay for the work you plan to do, but to also ac­count for all the lit­tle un­fore­seen is­sues that will in­evitably arise dur­ing such a large build. But most im­por­tantly, you need to set aside the time and or­ga­nize a strict sched­ule to en­sure that the project gets done.

How many half-fin­ished project

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