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They were once ex­otic, hard-to-drive ul­tra-per­for­mance sportscars owned by pro­fes­sional race­car driv­ers and wealthy driv­ing en­thu­si­asts. They were un­re­li­able, but of­fered real men driv­ing sat­is­fac­tion that you just couldn’t get from ve­hi­cles in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Of course, these ve­hi­cles rep­re­sented the top tier sta­tus from the au­to­mo­tive man­u­fac­tur­ers that built them, and com­manded a high price. There­fore, peo­ple sim­ply look­ing to im­press their fi­nan­cial sta­tus to those around them, were snap­ping up these ve­hi­cles.

Now, you may be ask­ing, why am I talk­ing about su­per­cars in an off-road mag­a­zine? Quite sim­ple re­ally, as in this is­sue you are go­ing to be bom­barded with the lat­est and great­est the off-road au­to­mo­tive sec­tor can throw at you. Ve­hi­cle man­u­fac­tur­ers are launch­ing spe­cial edi­tion off-road fo­cused 4WDs at an in­cred­i­ble rate, and the tidal wave of jaw-drop­ping SEMA project ve­hi­cles nearly washed us out of Ve­gas.

You see, the lure of the su­per­car is


start­ing to get wa­tered down, yes - they are gor­geous, filled with the coolest tech, as fast around a track as many GT rac­ers, and can only be had if you hap­pen to own a blue chip cor­po­ra­tion or a cou­ple oil wells in the UAE. But with the lure of rel­a­tively easy money, and an ef­fort­less way for man­u­fac­tur­ers to give their brand an in­jec­tion of pres­tige, we now have a mar­ket flooded with su­per­cars. Hell, even Kia is work­ing on one.

Like many of my sports car en­thu­si­ast con­tem­po­raries, I have slowly moved from the per­for­mance car scene and have em­braced the off-road life­style. Of­froad­ing still brings you the same thrills and adrenalin punches that a per­for­mance sports car can, just at slower speeds… usu­ally. A lot of peo­ple are start­ing to re­al­ize this and there is a ma­jor shift go­ing on, and the man­u­fac­tur­ers are tak­ing note. I’m telling you, my friends, we are amidst a rev­o­lu­tion. We are see­ing the trend of sports car su­per­car move to truck and SUV-based su­pertruck.

It all started with the Rap­tor, then the Hen­nessey VelociRaptor, then the AMG G63 6x6 and now the Ram TRX (which will likely go into pro­duc­tion). We are see­ing that super-ve­hi­cles don’t have to be two seat, no trunk, sin­gle-minded ma­chines for the über rich, but can be multi-role util­ity ve­hi­cles that can go any­where - and be pur­chased by the non-one per­centers. Hope­fully one day they will get handed down to us at a rea­son­able price.

The ma­jor­ity of su­per­car buy­ers are peo­ple that want to stand out in the crowd, and a su­per­car will do that. How­ever, with ho­tel en­trances packed full of ex­otics, this can make you look like just an­other rich dude that bought a Fer­rari or Lambo. Roll up in an AMG G63 6x6, and ev­ery­one that was look­ing at all the shiny lowslung sportscars will in­stantly get a case of whiplash as their at­ten­tion forcibly grav­i­tates to what is new and dif­fer­ent. The su­pertruck is the lat­est and ‘coolest’ ve­hi­cle on the scene, and that trend will con­tinue to ex­plode, as more man­u­fac­tur­ers build at­ten­tion-grab­bing, awe-in­spir­ing 4x4 (and more) ma­chin­ery.

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