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5 Over Com­pen­sa­tion Award: Diesel Broth­ers Ram – Be­cause build­ing a full-size that is jacked to the sky and run­ning quad trash­can­sized stacks just isn’t man enough, Diesel Broth­ers de­cided they needed an­other two doors. Just imag­ine the coal rolling you could do with this mile­high sausage party on wheels.

6 Most Painful Side-by-Side Award: – Take the brodozer scene and ap­ply it to a Side-by-Side, enough said.

7 Look At Me Award: Jeep TJ – Um… We’re not quite sure what to say here, other than this Jeep most def­i­nitely caught our at­ten­tion. What with the Gatling guns, fake ar­moured gull­wing doors built from ABS plas­tic and ridicu­lous ride height fit to dou­ble as a deer stand, this was a train-wreck we couldn’t take our eyes off.

8 Big­gest Gun Award: GMC Jimmy – After the truck-mounted gun ex­trav­a­ganza that was SEMA 2015, and with Trump ramp­ing up gun rights in Amer­ica, we were sur­prised not to see even more trucks with guns hang­ing off of them. The Gatling and .50 cal are fake, and would you be­lieve there is a rocket launcher on the other side?

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