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New mu­ral to be un­veiled in Botwood on Satur­day

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It’s no se­cret that Botwood has a rich his­tory.

“I would go so far as to say there isn’t a com­mu­nity glob­ally of this size – 3,000 peo­ple – that has this di­verse a his­tory as we do,” said Mike Shain­line, Botwood Mu­ral Arts So­ci­ety pres­i­dent.

The Botwood Mu­ral Arts So­ci­ety is help­ing to tell that story.

Thanks to the Botwood Kins­men and New­found­land and Labrador Arts Coun­cil for their par­tic­i­pa­tion and fi­nan­cial sup­port, the group is pre­par­ing to un­veil its eighth mu­ral at 11 a.m. on Satur­day, Sept. 30, at the Botwood Pub­lic Li­brary. Some of the au­thors who have il­lus­tra­tions of their books in the mu­ral, as well as Flanker Press have been in­vited to at­tend, and the event is open to the pub­lic.

“We would like to see a good turn out on Satur­day,” Shain­line said.

This is the third sum­mer and forth mu­ral Grand Falls-Wind­sor artist Craig Goudie has been com­mis­sioned for in Botwood.

The first sum­mer he did two mu­rals that flank the en­trance at the ceno­taph grounds. Last sum­mer he did the piece doc­u­ment­ing the story of De­mas­duit, who is also known as Mary March, as it re­lated to Botwood as she had died in the har­bour in Botwood.

“i would go so far as to say there isn’t a com­mu­nity glob­ally of this size – 3,000 peo­ple – that has this di­verse a his­tory as we do.” Mike Shain­line, Botwood Mu­ral Arts So­ci­ety pres­i­dent

This year’s call was for a piece do­ing with New­found­land au­thors, in par­tic­u­lar lo­cal au­thors, Goudie said, and “The Two Rs” came to fruition.

“The pre­vi­ous two mu­rals were tied to his­toric things and I had a lot of ref­er­ence im­ages… This time out I could do pretty well what I wanted,” Goudie said. “This piece for me is a lit­tle bit more of a fan­tas­ti­cal.”

‘Writ­ing’ on the wall

Goudie said peo­ple were polled and went to the Botwood Li­brary to sug­gest au­thors they would like to see rep­re­sented. He was sup­plied with the list, and he added to it. In the end, 88 books are de­picted on the mu­ral which cov­ers two walls.

“On the cor­ner where the two walls meet there are a stack of books that are con­tin­u­ous pile and at the very top it shows there are more books com­ing, more books pos­si­ble, and books that I don’t have in­volved in this New­found­land and Labrador au­thors so it’s a con­tin­u­ing, build­ing grow­ing pile,” Goudie said.

One wall is more about writ­ers, and the other, about read­ers, he ex­plained.

“The main fea­ture is the flakes and stages and the out­port com­mu­nity but it is all con­structed from books and writ­ing im­ple­ments – pens, pen­cils, and even a few cal­lig­ra­phy pens,” he said.

The read­ers’ wall ends off with the next gen­er­a­tion of writ­ers with a large fig­ure of a modern look­ing young woman.

On the writ­ers’ wall, hands de­pict the writ­ers over the years from the quills to the pen­cils and pens to the key­boards.

“When I thought about that wall I thought where do they get it? Where do they get their in­spi­ra­tion?” Goudie said.

Rain­ing down on the lit­tle New­found­land fish­ing com­mu­nity mag­i­cally out of the aurora bo­re­alis are let­ter and bits of scrip from Vik­ing times, as well as lit­tle pa­per boats, since Botwood was a com­mu­nity that shipped a lot of pa­per.

“Lit­tle pa­per boats are rain­ing out of the sky and be­ing picked up on the wa­ter and they are com­ing back home to the com­mu­nity,” Goudie said, adding some of it is also be­ing drawn up out of the wa­ter.

“Ob­vi­ously a lot of the in­spi­ra­tion, what­ever you are do­ing in this place, comes from the place,” Goudie said. “That’s one thing I was try­ing to de­pict in this story on the mu­ral.”

Some of the same items are rain­ing down on the next gen­er­a­tion fig­ure as well. He tried to keep it fairly colour­ful as well, which he could do with a fan­tasy piece.

Close to home

This mu­ral, like the last three he cre­ated, has a lot of per­sonal sig­nif­i­cance to Goudie.

He has a lot New­found­land au­thors in his fam­ily, in­clud­ing his wife, brother-in-law (who is in­cluded on the mu­ral), his youngest son, and old­est son who is a jour­nal­ist. Goudie him­self has also been in­volved in a cou­ple of books over the years.

“We have a lot of sto­ry­tellers on both sides of our fam­ily,” Goudie said. “My fa­ther-in-law is par­tic­u­lar is a huge sto­ry­teller. Whether it’s oral tra­di­tion or things writ­ten down, I just think that ev­ery­body in this prov­ince re­ally grav­i­tates to­wards sto­ry­telling. Hav­ing so many sto­ry­tellers and writ­ers in my fam­ily, it was nice to be able to hon­our that.”

Goudie is hope­ful peo­ple will look on the wall and want to read the 88 books that are de­picted, and dig a lit­tle deeper and look be­yond those as well.

He is also hop­ing to en­cour­age oth­ers, just like his next gen­er­a­tion writer in the mu­ral, to share their sto­ries.

“We are only a lit­tle tiny prov­ince we have a lit­tle pop­u­la­tion but we have an aw­ful lot of creativ­ity that seems to hap­pen here,” Goudie said. “You got a story, get it out there.”

Look closely

He also urges view­ers to look for the lit­tle things he has tucked in this mu­ral.

“There are other things that are pretty sig­nif­i­cant that this is a New­found­land and Labrador au­thor’s piece,” he said.

Goudie tips his hat to the Botwood Mu­ral Arts So­ci­ety in knuck­ling down and mak­ing these projects hap­pen.

“For a small group of peo­ple they are crazy ded­i­cated to this and they do a ton of work,” Goudie said. “They have been very en­cour­ag­ing to me and it has been a bit of a treat to work with them be­cause they are so pos­i­tive about this. For a great big idea that in lots of ways should be a dif­fi­cult thing to be do­ing, they are achiev­ing it and do­ing it in fine style, and they are help­ing to tell the story of the com­mu­nity. Botwood has a very rich his­tory and this is a great way to get it out there.”

Goudie said tourists love the mu­rals, how­ever, he also had lots of com­ments from very ap­pre­cia­tive lo­cals who love see­ing the mu­rals hap­pen­ing in their com­mu­nity.

“The whole rea­son for do­ing this is for eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment,” Shain­line said. “The idea is that you are go­ing to get trav­ellers com­ing into this area. The more peo­ple that come into this town as tourist, the more de­mand on our re­tail sec­tor, and the more de­mand on the re­tail sec­tor the more peo­ple find em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties.”

SuB­mit­ted photo

The Botwood Mu­ral Arts So­ci­ety will be un­veil­ing its eighth mu­ral on Satur­day, Sept. 30, at 11 a.m. Artist Craig Goudie’s “The Two Rs” de­picts New­found­land and Labrador au­thors, and cov­ers two walls of the Botwood Pub­lic Li­brary.

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