Public re­acts to sug­ges­tion on re­mov­ing me­dian

Pro and con ar­gu­ments of­fered up

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The Ad­ver­tiser first re­ported on its web­site last Wed­nes­day that the town coun­cil of Grand Falls-Wind­sor was con­tem­plat­ing the idea of re­mov­ing the con­crete me­dian that di­vides the Trans-Canada High­way through the town.

When we shared that story to our Face­book page, the re­sult was a flurry of com­ments from cit­i­zens, weigh­ing in on the pros and cons of tak­ing down the bar­rier.

The ar­gu­ments were strong on both sides of the de­bate.

Here is a sam­ple of what some of you said:


It has to go, it has been the demise of travel-through busi­ness, peo­ple gas up in Badger, Bishop’s or Gan­der and make sure they have enough gas to get through our town. We are al­low­ing dol­lars to slip through out hands by mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to ac­cess. – Lori He­witt Hen­nessey

Get rid of it. Gan­der seems to have pros­pered with­out a bar­rier pre­vent­ing trav­ellers from ac­cess­ing their ameni­ties form the high­way! The bar­rier is a de­ter­rent to those trav­el­ling through and a nui­sance to those who live here! – Tina Jewer

Got to go to al­low ac­cess to the dif­fer­ent busi­nesses in­stead of hav­ing to take the long way around. – Betty Snow

Def­i­nitely get rid of it. Re­vi­tal­ize our stretch of the Trans-Canada High­way and bring some ex­tra cash flow to our town. Ac­ci­dents are caused by ex­ces­sive speed and hu­man fail­ure. If the wall is gone, the speed limit will be re­duced and in turn lower the pos­si­bil­ity of ac­ci­dents. – Brad Ox­ford

I feel the me­dian needs to go, for tourism and eco­nomic rea­sons! We need a ser­vice in­dus­try there! As for be­ing dan­ger­ous, we have to im­pose a speed limit of 50 or 60 km! (and en­force it) It will be the only way we can lure a ho­tel here, with suc­cess! I think there needs to be a town hall de­bate on this sub­ject! – Glen Carey

Never should have been put there its caused a num­ber of busi­nesses to close. – Theresa Char­lene

Get rid of it and drop the speed through that sec­tion to 60 km, won’t have to worry about head-on col­li­sion then. — Chad Collins

I think it should go, but the town should come up with a good plan first be­cause of safety is­sues. — Nel­lie Power


I like it for the safety fea­ture. – An­gel Os­mond

Leave it; no chance of a head on col­li­sion through the town. Should be di­vided high­way right through the prov­ince any­way. – Ron­nie Folkes

The risk of fa­tal­i­ties from left-hand traf­fic turn­ing will be aw­ful. I’m sure that traf­fic can take a ramp off the high­way if they were in­ter­ested in any­thing on Cromer Av­enue. It is an is­sue though for traf­fic go­ing west to en­ter any busi­ness on the left, but that traf­fic is usu­ally head­ing out of town and not driv­ing through to do busi­ness. It’s def­i­nitely not the best idea what was done there but the risk of fa­tal­i­ties from left turn­ing traf­fic is too high to do with­out the me­dia. Maybe bet­ter sig­nage, ad­ver­tis­ing would help? – Carla Pen­ney-Legge

I think they should keep it like it is! – Ruth Bartlett Prowse

Se­ri­ously? How many peo­ple have been killed by head-on col­li­sions in this prov­ince since Au­gust? If those are re­moved there will be some se­ri­ous safety is­sues that will need to be ad­dressed. – Michele Hiller-Fewer.

Re­mov­ing them wouldn’t make any sense to me. You’re guar­an­teed to have more ac­ci­dents if you do. Yes, Gan­der and Clarenville don’t have me­di­ans, but the high­way don’t cut through the mid­dle of the towns ei­ther like GFW. All ex­its are on the same side of the road. — Amy Keats Ma­her

Re­move the ‘ wall’ and the speed limit will have to be re­duced as it is in Gan­der. Then you have driv­ers mak­ing left turns to cross the high­way. The me­dian was put there for safety rea­sons; the safety rea­sons still ex­ist. – Wal­lace Robin­son

What prob­lem is this ques­tion at­tempt­ing to solve? What ex­actly is harmed by the ex­is­tence of this di­vider? What harm that was done was done a gen­er­a­tion ago now. It’s been there over 20 years now. Also, isn’t the high­way pro­vin­cial ju­ris­dic­tion. Not sure the town has au­thor­ity to re­move it. — Christo­pher Mercer

It should stay! Lots of ac­cess to town through­out this stretch of high­way. No need to spend tax­pay­ers’ money to in­crease rev­enue for a few busi­nesses who aren’t hurt­ing fi­nan­cially un­der the present struc­ture. Just go­ing to in­crease the num­ber of se­ri­ous ac­ci­dents by re­mov­ing it. Just think of all the fa­tal­i­ties on the TCH through Gan­der and Clarenville over the past sev­eral years. Is that worth re­mov­ing the me­dian. — Wayne Shep­pard

Coun­cil­lor Shawn Feener, re­spond­ing to the com­ments, posted, “This was part of my elec­tion plat­form and dur­ing my cam­paign I asked as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble what they thought, and it was very well re­ceived for a num­ber of rea­sons.

He con­tin­ued, “Di­rect­ing some much-needed traf­fic on to Main Street would be one of the ma­jor ben­e­fits. I brought it to coun­cil last week in hopes of get­ting the ball rolling.”

Feener con­cluded, “Ob­vi­ously this is a very long process and we will be gaug­ing public sup­port, but noth­ing would be done with­out safety be­ing the num­ber one con­cern.”

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