The pro­posed new rules

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Pro­posed changes in­clude:

Taxi reg­u­la­tions amended to reg­u­late what hap­pens to a taxi op­er­a­tor’s li­cense when they cease oper­a­tions, and un­der what con­di­tions a taxi li­cense may be sold to an­other op­er­a­tor; al­beit any trans­fer of li­cense must be ap­proved by coun­cil.

A taxi com­pany that ceases oper­a­tions for up to 30 days shall fully for­feit its li­cense and shall not be per­mit­ted to re­new its an­nual taxi li­cense in any case. Taxi op­er­a­tors who pay any an­nual fees shall be re­funded fees paid for the pe­riod while not in ac­tive op­er­a­tion.

When a taxi op­er­a­tor ceases op­er­a­tion for greater than 30 days, their per­mit is fully for­feited. The de­ter­mi­na­tion that a taxi busi­ness is not op­er­a­tional shall be based on no me­tered daily ac­tiv­ity and/or no re­sponse to calls for ser­vice when checked by the town in­spec­tor. Taxi op­er­a­tors must pro­vide ver­i­fi­able records of daily me­tered ac­tiv­ity; oth­er­wise coun­cil will as­sume there is no ac­tiv­ity when ad­dress­ing such cir­cum­stances.

When a taxi op­er­a­tor elects to sell a taxi busi­ness, that busi­ness must re­main in an ac­tive op­er­a­tion dur­ing the en­tire sale process and beyond.

When a taxi li­cense be­comes avail­able be­cause an op­er­a­tor ceases op­er­a­tion, this li­cense will be im­me­di­ately made avail­able to the pub­lic through a pub­lic “ex­pres­sion of in­ter­est” process that is fi­nally ap­proved by coun­cil.

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