Tempted by the food of an­other

Advertiser (Grand Falls) - - Editorial - Steve Bartlett Steve Bartlett is an edi­tor with SaltWire Net­work. He dives into the Deep End Mon­day’s to es­cape real­ity. Reach him via email at steve.bartlett@thetele­gram.com

Mmmm ... the great­est smell on Earth!

Waft­ing to­wards me from the seat di­rectly in front. It sur­rounds me. Slowly en­gulfs me. Tempt­ing and tan­ta­liz­ing, call­ing, “Go get some. Go get some.” I must re­sist. I must say no. They are ab­so­lutely hor­ri­ble for me.

Lit­tle nu­tri­tional value and aw­ful on the choles­terol.

And it would take about 37,000,000 hours on the tread­mill to burn them off.

Giv­ing in would lead to noth­ing but re­gret, noth­ing but won­der­ing what hap­pened to Will Power, a guy I haven’t seen in a long time. NOOOOOOO!


That makes them smell even bet­ter, if that’s pos­si­ble.

I bet they taste awe­some, like noth­ing else.

My re­solve is weak­en­ing. Not sure if I can hold on.

But I must re­sist. I must say no.

I tempted to lean ahead and ask the stranger in front if I could have one.

Just one. Please.

She seems to be re­ally en­joy­ing them.

Maybe I should just treat my­self and get the same en­joy­ment. I de­serve it.

It’s not like I have them often — I’ve only given in once all sea­son, which is not bad con­sid­er­ing the amount of time I spend at the rink.

I look around. Oth­ers have al­ready suc­cumbed to the temp­ta­tion. They are face and eyes into it, and not show­ing any vis­i­ble signs of guilt or re­morse. To heck with it. I’m go­ing for it. You only come this way once. Life’s too short.

Live a lit­tle.

“But Steve,” asks the voice of my con­science, “how will feel you about this de­ci­sion in an hour or to­mor­row?”

I pause for a sec­ond.

The an­swer is, hon­estly, un­ful­filled.

Still, de­spite this in­ter­nal de­bate and against the voice of rea­son, I give in.

Darn you, Sta­dium Fries.

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