Why bother with an N.L. coat of arms?

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It makes sense that the Lib­eral Party of New­found­land and Labrador, given the rea­sons it cited at its re­cent convention, would not want to re­tain our province’s cur­rent coat of arms.

It does not make sense, given the rea­sons it cited, for it to want our province to have any coat of arms at all, ex­cept that some air of no­bil­ity still clings to the idea of a coat of arms, and the Lib­er­als, like all our modern politi­cians, are sorely in need of any­thing that could al­low them any sort of as­so­ci­a­tion with any­thing at all no­ble.

The pitcher-plant “busi­ness brand” with which Danny Wil­liams of­ten re­placed the coat of arms in gov­ern­ment ad­ver­tis­ing ought to be quite good enough for a po­lit­i­cal party which af­ter all per­pet­u­ated Wil­liams’s most prized pro­ject: Muskrat Falls.

The chief value to our politi­cians of our be­ing “mut­tly-cul­tural,” which cur­rently, in New­found­land at least, the politi­cians are try­ing far more to bring about than sim­ply to re­spect, is that then we would not speak with one same voice against bad gov­ern­ment.

Not that our MHAs are them­selves highly mul­ti­cul­tural; rather they seem steeped in the monochro­matic cul­ture of com­merce which has as its pur­pose the pil­ing up of pe­cu­niary profit and is, in­deed, at odds with the Bib­li­cal in­junc­tion to seek the king­dom of God and his right­eous­ness, since what is right­eous would be ev­ery­one’s ac­tu­ally de­serv­ing what he needs, by rea­son of his hav­ing him­self pro­duced with his own di­rect ac­tiv­ity some­thing that some­one needs. (That what per­sons de­serve are the ef­fects of what they do, is a pri­mary prin­ci­ple of jus­tice.) A motto which would suit th­ese politi­cians far bet­ter, in their view, would be “Seek ye first a job from your much-mon­eyed bet­ters.”

Colin Burke Port au Port

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