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Dear Dorothy,

Last is­sue, on page 25 un­der a pho­to­graph of Gold­en­rod, the text states that Rag­weed is 'in­sect pol­li­nated' when in fact it is 'wind pol­li­nated' and is there­fore the cause of al­ler­gies.

Kathy Ly­tle

You are ab­so­lutely cor­rect! (As I know much to my own asth­matic sor­row).

While most peo­ple blame gold­en­rod, it is the one that is in­sect pol­li­nated and whose pollen is too heavy to be borne on the wind. We will make the correction and thanks for pick­ing this up.


Dear Kathy,

Ugh! My apolo­gies, I also know this since both rag­weed and gold­en­rod are plen­ti­ful in our area. I let the wild gold­en­rod grow in sunny patches, and rip out the rag­weed at its first sign since it both­ers my si­nuses. I thought it was a great tip to share and can’t be­lieve I mistyped what I wanted to say. Thanks for catch­ing this so we can cor­rect it for oth­ers.


Rag­weed is wind pol­li­nated and the cause of many al­ler­gies.

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