What's all this about diploid and tetraploid?

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Daylily afi­ciona­dos of­ten use the terms “diploid” or “tetraploid” to de­scribe the dif­fer­ent kinds of plant. Diploid refers to a plant with two sep­a­rate sets of chro­mo­somes. Di­ploids have 11 chro­mo­somes from the egg cell and 11 from the sperm cells of its pollen which means that one set is in­her­ited from each par­ent. Te­traploids have four sets or 44 chro­mo­somes. You prob­a­bly don’t give a hoot about this ex­cept to note that te­traploids of­ten have larger blooms and di­ploids of­ten dis­play the pret­ti­est pinks.

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