The Lit­tle Brown Bat

Alberta Gardener Magazine - - Calgary Style Paradise -

By Edith Matilda Thomas (1854-1925)

Quoth the lit­tle brown bat: "I rise with the owl – Wis­est and best of the feathered fowl; Let other folks rise, if they will, with the lark, And be early and bright – I am early and dark!"

"I'm awake and up, When the night-moth sips from the lily's white cup; While the fire­fly lanterns are search­ing the sky, I am glanc­ing about, with fiery eye!"

"The night has its noon As well as its day – and I'm friends with the moon. Many a se­cret she tells me alone, Which never a bird or a bee has known!"

"There is house-room for me, When the win­ter comes, in some hol­low tree; Or un­der barn eaves, near the fra­grant hay, I sleep the dull win­ter hours away.

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