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Do you know what's bug­ging your house­plants?

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With cooler temps, gar­den­ers’ at­ten­tion shifts to in­door plants. Ra­dio call-in shows are dom­i­nated by ques­tions about pests on house­plants, and my own in-box starts to fill up with de­scrip­tions of curled and wilt­ing leaves. Test your knowl­edge by an­swer­ing true or false to the fol­low­ing ques­tions. 1. House­plants har­bour fruit flies. 2. Fun­gus gnats are not ter­ri­bly harm­ful to house­plants. 3. Spi­der mites ac­tu­ally are tiny spi­ders. 4. Spi­der mites spin webs to catch in­sects for food. 5. Spi­der mites pre­fer a dry en­vi­ron­ment. 6. Scale is a hard-shell fun­gus that grows on plant stems. 7. Mealy bugs are a kind of scale. 8. Scales can be washed off plants with a gen­tle stream of wa­ter. 9. One sin­gle white­fly can de­stroy a large plant. 10. Spi­der mites, white­fly and aphids can all be erad­i­cated with a sin­gle spray­ing

of per­me­thrin.

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Here’s what hap­pens when spi­der mites get out of con­trol.

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