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The juke­box was play­ing twangy coun­try. The light­ing was dim. The sticky table­tops were ev­i­dence that the bar was re­treat­ing from the front­line of germ warfare. Only half the ta­bles were oc­cu­pied, but the horse­shoe bar was two deep with types you’d ex­pect to find in a down­town Hous­ton bar fa­mous for serv­ing in­dus­trial-size cock­tails and si­t­u­ated near the big oil tow­ers and the city’s main daily, the

Chron­i­cle. Florid oil ex­ecs in Canali, brassy women in heels and power suits, tweedy jour­nal­ist types, bearded IT mil­len­ni­als. The noisy con­ver­sa­tion from the bar seemed to in­di­cate some sort of shared pur­pose or at least a com­mu­nity of like-minded souls. I de­cided to wedge my­self into the civ­i­tas to see if I could be­gin to find an an­swer to a sim­ple ques­tion: What is Hous­ton’s state of mind in the age of sub-prime oil prices?


MARCH 2016

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