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Ever since Wayne Gret­zky’s rookie card sold for a record­break­ing US$465,000 last year, col­lec­tors have been blow­ing the dust off the hockey card binders from their youth and search­ing for their own

hid­den trea­sure. For some, col­lect­ing hockey cards is not just a boy­hood pas­time, but an in­vest­ment that can

reap re­wards. Wayne Wag­ner of Wayne’s Sports Cards and Col­lectibles in Ed­mon­ton has seen cards move across his counter for thou­sands of dol­lars, the prici­est be­ing a Sid­ney Crosby rookie card that went for $5,000 in 2005. “We tell peo­ple that col­lect to have fun and en­joy it,” he says. “But do­ing it the right way can ob­vi­ously have some gain.”

And the right way to col­lect hockey cards is not so dif­fer­ent than fol­low­ing the stocks – there’s a strat­egy in­volved. Fol­low­ing play­ers, es­pe­cially bud­ding rook­ies, will give you a higher chance of suc­cess than div­ing in blind. “Peo­ple who bought [Con­nor] McDavid last year are al­ready reap­ing the re­wards,” he says. “His card has al­ready gone up in value.”


Wayne Gret­zky’s rookie card sold for US$465,000

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