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clear cut­ting and spray­ing Vi­sion max in our for­est, while the leader of the op­po­si­tion signed on to the Ivany re­port which in­cluded the used of FSC Stan­dards (For­est Stew­ard­ship Coun­cil) in our for­est so we can have a sus­tain­able re­source.

Ci­ti­zens of Nova Scotia are tired of bad un­sus­tain­able forestry prac­tices that bring money to seven com­pa­nies that hire 800 mem­bers while spray­ing ques­tion­ably safe prod­ucts.

We have faced, in our county, for­est fires and lack of rain while the clear cuts keep grow­ing – he has not lis­tened.

Mcneil has not brought any evo­lu­tion to our sys­tems any of the changes he promised.

At this point, I feel he has failed has a leader.

Re­cently Prime Min­is­ter Justin Trudeau tried to ex­punge his prom­ise to Cana­di­ans made dur­ing the 2015 fed­eral elec­tion that, should he and his Lib­eral party be elected to gov­ern, it would be the last one held un­der the an­ti­quated “first-past-the­p­ost” sys­tem we in­her­ited in our colo­nial in­fancy. The re­al­ity is that he de­lib­er­ately told a cal­cu­lated “al­ter­na­tive fact” dur­ing the cam­paign with the hope that it would help boost his party past the front-run­ning New Democrats. Both were in a dog fight to ap­peal to vot­ers as the al­ter­na­tive to the “Trum­p­like” Harper Con­ser­va­tives who had been cheer­fully con­sumed for a decade with the suf­fo­ca­tion of our democ­racy.

In the end, Cana­di­ans opted for the silly “sunny ways” mantra. Now, as a re­sult of his treach­ery, the best chance we have had in our coun­try’s his­tory to jet­ti­son “democ­racy-lite” has been eclipsed. Who knows how long we will have to en­dure our cur­rent quasi-demo­cratic sys­tem be­fore the pub­lic mood will once more trend be­hind a po­lit­i­cal party that re­ally would in­tro­duce a form of pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion?

Un­der­stand this: pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion is the cru­cial pivot point around which all pro­gres­sive pol­icy and ac­tion is di­rected. It is an in­clu­sive means to the pro­duc­tion of just de­ci­sions and laws. It is a sys­tem that in­vites de­bate, com­pro­mise, tol­er­ance and con­sen­sus. Con­trast that with the ac­ri­mo­nious ad­ver­sar­ial atavism of f-p-tp. Pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion is also our best in­oc­u­la­tion against the rise of a ar­bi­trary leader who vac­u­ums all power to­wards him­self like a Trump-et.

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