Lucky, af­ter all

Kentville cou­ple wins Irv­ing Pump Up the Fun $100,000 grand prize

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A Kentville wo­man, who along with her hus­band, won the grand prize in Irv­ing’s Pump Up the Fun says you should never count your­self out when it comes to luck play­ing con­tests.

Elva Turner said when she first got the phone call about a month ago from Mike Camp­bell telling her she had won the grand prize, she didn’t be­lieve it at first.

“There’s so many crack calls th­ese days that you’re kind of scep­ti­cal when some­body calls you and tells you you’ve won $100,000,” she said.

Turner had played the con­test and said it started to sink in af­ter a while that it could be a pos­si­bil­ity. She re­ceived a re­lease and signed it but said it wasn’t un­til the end of last week when she re­ceived the itin­er­ary for the cheque pre­sen­ta­tion that the re­al­ity truly struck her.

The cheque was pre­sented to her and hus­band Rick dur­ing a cel­e­bra­tion at the Irv­ing sta­tion in Coldbrook on Oct. 20. They played Pump Up the Fun when­ever they pur­chased gas over the sum­mer. Rick would pump the gas and give Elva the game tick­ets.

Turner said she had never won any­thing in a con­test be­fore other than $20 play­ing the lottery and $1 off her gas fill-up play­ing Pump Up the Fun. She would of­ten joke that she’d lose a con­test if she were the only one play­ing.

Turner said their two chil­dren would “profit a lit­tle bit” from the win­nings. The Turn­ers plan to make a cou­ple of char­i­ta­ble do­na­tions and to top-up their re­tire­ment fund. They’re tak­ing a trip to Florida this win­ter. It was al­ready planned but the prize money will make the ex­pense less wor­ri­some.

Turner said any­one who thinks they have ter­ri­ble luck in con­tests shouldn’t give up. You never know when the next one you en­ter will be the one you win.

Irv­ing mar­ket­ing re­tail spe­cial­ist Jen Con­stan­tine said the main part of the Pump Up the Fun con­test was “col­lect to win.” Every time a con­tes­tant made a pur­chase at an Irv­ing sta­tion, he or she would get a sticker to at­tach to a col­lec­tor card.

Peo­ple could also win prizes on­line by en­ter­ing con­test PIN’S, which were a part of the game tick­ets. Con­tes­tants could win in­stantly by sim­ply open­ing the game ticket. More than 350,000 prizes were awarded.

The con­test be­gan on June 19 and ran through­out the sum­mer. There was a win­ning sticker for the $100,000 but it didn’t sur­face. Irv­ing se­lected the win­ner by draw­ing from the 3.6 mil­lion PIN num­bers en­tered on the con­test web­site.

The con­test was avail­able across the Irv­ing net­work, which in­cludes sta­tions in the At­lantic Prov­inces, Que­bec and the New Eng­land states.

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