The House Ren­o­va­tion – Lessons for the Di­vorce Process

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Di­vorce and a house ren­o­va­tion can have a lot in com­mon - they are dis­rup­tive by na­ture, po­ten­tially very costly, and rarely straight for­ward as one would imag­ine. However, in both cases, these risks may be min­i­mized through re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions, care­ful plan­ning and choos­ing the right team. Re­gard­less of how small or large a reno, it can turn your life up­side down. The same can be said for fam­ily law is­sues - tran­si­tion­ing to­wards a new normal can be over­whelm­ing, ex­pen­sive and time con­sum­ing. Man­ag­ing ex­pec­ta­tions can be chal­leng­ing, espe­cially when de­lays are unan­tic­i­pated and par­ties are not on the same page. Any suc­cess­ful ren­o­va­tion starts with a well thought out de­sign, based on an in-depth un­der­stand­ing of the goals, bud­get, frame­work and the ex­ist­ing struc­ture - its chal­lenges and his­tory. The next step is hir­ing the right con­trac­tor, who will in-turn put the right team in place for ex­e­cu­tion. So imag­ine hir­ing a con­trac­tor to as­sist in man­ag­ing all the pieces in­volved in putting to­gether a sep­a­ra­tion agree­ment. A Process Man­ager that keeps things mov­ing for­ward, iden­ti­fy­ing the pieces and pro­fes­sion­als - ad­vis­ing on which lawyers to hire, if me­di­a­tion is right for you, and en­sur­ing a res­o­lu­tion is kept in fo­cus ev­ery step of the way. When liv­ing through a ren­o­va­tion there are painful de­lays, un­ex­pected costs that arise and on­go­ing stress­ful up­heaval. The value a con­trac­tor brings is to as­sist in re­solv­ing these is­sues. So why not con­sider the same for your Di­vorce? A pro­fes­sional to com­mu­ni­cate the plan, keep it on track and move all the pieces to­wards com­ple­tion. Once a ren­o­va­tion is com­plete, there is a sense of re­lief and time to re­flect on the ex­e­cu­tion. Was it on time and on bud­get? Am I happy with the re­sult? With a Di­vorce, the ques­tions you may ask your­self may be, did I have a well thought out de­sign and did I have to spend that much money? Hir­ing the right Gen­eral Con­trac­tor for your ren­o­va­tion or Process Man­ager for your Di­vorce, may go a long way to­wards how you an­swer those ques­tions.

Diane Hors­man & Michael Reid, LL.B

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