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Do you suf­fer from headaches? Does your jaw click? Are you grind­ing or clench­ing at night? TMD is a dis­or­der af­fect­ing the body’s two tem­poro­mandibu­lar joints, which are lo­cated di­rectly in front of your ears. They’re tri­an­gu­lar-shaped and designed to act like hinges for your jaw, al­low­ing you to com­fort­ably and eas­ily open your mouth to eat, drink, and speak. A pa­tient strug­gling with TMD may ex­pe­ri­ence a wide range of painful or ag­gra­vat­ing symp­toms, among them fre­quent headaches or mi­graines. Other TMD symp­toms in­clude neck, shoul­der, or lower back pain; dif­fi­culty hear­ing or ring­ing/pres­sure in the ears; pain, ten­der­ness, or swelling of the face; jaw pop­ping/click­ing; tooth sen­si­tiv­ity to cold or ice and also worn or bro­ken teeth. What Causes TMD? The causes behind TMD can range of mis­aligned teeth and/or teeth grind­ing to whiplash, sports in­juries, or miss­ing teeth. TMD is a dis­or­der of the jaw joint, nerves, teeth and chew­ing mus­cles. Stress can also be a cause of it. Di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment Tek-Scan/EMG is a re­veal­ing di­ag­nos­tic tool to analyse the bite and mea­sure the mus­cle ac­tiv­ity, al­low­ing the den­tist to pre­cisely eval­u­ate your bite, mus­cles, and range of motion. It also mea­sures the forces and tim­ing of the bite to see if they’re even or need ad­just­ments. This spe­cial, com­puter-guided treat­ment for TMD has proven to be much faster and more per­ma­nent than ap­pli­ance-based treat­ments. Dis­clu­sion Time Re­duc­tion Ther­apy Dis­clu­sion Time Re­duc­tion is a com­puter-guided form of treat­ment that makes mi­nor ad­just­ments to teeth, im­prov­ing oc­clu­sion and al­low­ing the mus­cles to re­lax. By im­prov­ing oc­clu­sion and re­lax­ing mus­cles, pain can be elim­i­nated and even the need for surgery or wear­ing a mouth­guard. The Ben­e­fits of DTR Dis­clu­sion Time Re­duc­tion ther­apy uses com­put­er­ized oc­clusal anal­y­sis tech­nol­ogy and eletromyo­g­ra­phy (EMGs) which al­low pa­tients to achieve re­sults that vir­tu­ally elim­i­nate the need for other treat­ment op­tions–even for pa­tients who grind their teeth.

Dr. J. Olavo Queiroz D.D.S

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