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Well here we go – it is now of­fi­cially Fall 2014. That beau­ti­ful sea­son when we still have the warmth of the sun to re­mind us of leisurely and lazy days of sum­mer. But each night there is a slight nip in the air and when we awake in the morn­ing we want to curl un­der the cov­ers just a lit­tle longer. The minute our feet hit the floor, to start the day, we need our fuzzy slip­pers. And yes, it is har­vest time – a glo­ri­ous kalei­do­scope of or­ange, yel­low, red and brown which has so many shades of colour that most of us don’t rec­og­nize it as brown any­more. Each day the colours on the tree change and the car­pet of grass is sprin­kled with more and more pieces of gold. Some fall days, as the rain pours down mak­ing all the colours glis­ten and sparkle, there seems to be a vast amount of mud that wasn’t there in the sum­mer. To­day it is a rainy Sun­day morn­ing as I sit at the kitchen ta­ble watch­ing my golden re­triev­ers, Max and Sam, ten­ta­tively tip toe across the lawn this morn­ing. Hank our lemon bea­gle ap­pears to be al­ler­gic to wa­ter and is look­ing at me from the doorstep – “Don’t make me go out there, please,” his eyes ap­pear to be say­ing. “I may melt, can’t you see it is rain­ing.” Thank good­ness he loves the snow or we would have a real prob­lem. I re­mem­ber as a child when we went back to school, in the first week of Septem­ber, there would come a day when our teacher would say, “Okay class to­day we want you to write about ‘what you did this sum­mer’. Well here was an op­por­tu­nity to put into words that won­der­ful ex­pe­ri­ence of “sum­mer hol­i­days”. Pen­cil poised, I was al­ready ea­ger to write and away I would go – telling great sto­ries of spend­ing time at the lake with my grand­mother and grand­fa­ther and the few cousins I had. Then there were my dad’s bar­be­qued ham­burg­ers and mom’s white cake with cream cheese ic­ing that they made for my birth­day party in July. There al­ways arose the ques­tion of just how many ham­burg­ers girls could re­ally eat com­pared to the boys. Climb­ing the cliffs in Kins­men Coulee and look­ing for rat­tlesnakes as we played in the caves. Swing­ing on the tire across the river and bang­ing into the tree on the way back be­cause I for­got to jump off, slum­ber par­ties and putting wa­ter in the wheel barrow to lay in so I could get a bet­ter sun tan (had heard this from a friend). Then there were climb­ing trees, long hikes, pop­si­cles and ice cream cones, and of course I could go on but it is more im­por­tant to talk about this sum­mer, the Sum­mer of 2014. Well what I did this Sum­mer was move to a new home, climb over boxes, meet the neigh­bours, un­pack and then try and plan a new house­hold while get­ting the Har­vest 2014 is­sue to the printer. Then I had to throw two din­ner par­ties invit­ing 20 peo­ple each so I could meet more of the won­der­ful neigh­bours – fun was had by all ap­par­ently and yes you can make “Spaghetti Bolog­nese” for 22 peo­ple and dou­ble layer choco­late cake. Also I learned that when it gets too cold out­side you can put three ta­bles in my kitchen and sit all the guests in a weird ar­range­ment and con­tinue on with din­ner. My dogs have met the two weimaraner dogs next door and they all bark at them to come out so they can chase each other be­tween the black wrought iron fences. Max for­got our fence ends be­fore theirs and learned the hard way how to stop quickly. Now he does a wide cir­cle.

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