Stupidly in Love… with Clouds

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I was born on the 7th of Jan­uary, 1969, right af­ter sun­set on a gold and blue sum­mer day in the southern hemi­sphere. Home was a small city called Mon­te­v­ideo, cap­i­tal of Uruguay. A coun­try shaped by gen­tle rolling hills, where the hori­zon line seems so far away that if your heart and mind were pure enough and free of log­i­cal thought, you feel you could lift your feet, spread your arms and fly… A land­scape so vast it be­comes a play­ground for ocean winds and armies of mon­u­men­tal clouds. For as long as I can re­mem­ber, I have been stupidly in love with clouds and the beau­ti­ful and chaotic re­al­ity of their ex­is­tence. Ev­ery time the sky puts on a show, I’m thank­ful for be­ing alive. At times, when storms brought thun­der so strong that the earth trem­bled, my soul gifted them with tears in re­turn. I grew up in a place with amaz­ing light, where blues are deeper and greens are more in­tense. I was al­ways fas­ci­nated with the way sun­light could

pre­vi­ous spread, Tem­ple, oil on can­vas, 36" x 56"

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