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Many peo­ple know the Chi­nese dress known as the Qi­pao, but far fewer know that Qi­pao has its ori­gin in a non-chi­nese fam­ily, the Aisin Gioro – a Manchu royal fam­ily that ruled the Qing dy­nasty of China from 1644-1911. Qi in Man­darin means ban­ner, and pao means dress. In the orig­i­nal Han Chi­nese, Qi­pao meant the Manchu ban­ners lady’s dress. The paint­ing "That Night 2" shows a lady wear­ing a mod­ern Qi­pao painted by artist Ce­cilia Aisin Gioro, the grand­niece of the last Chi­nese em­peror Puyi Aisin Gioro. In 1911, the world changed for the rul­ing Aisin Gioro fam­ily. Many were killed in the en­su­ing

rev­o­lu­tion and lost their her­itage. Many changed their last name to a sin­gle Han Chi­nese char­ac­ter ‘Jin’, or the fam­ily gen­er­a­tion code. Baby Ce­cilia was spir­ited away to a small vil­lage in the Chang­bai Moun­tains of north­east­ern China by her grand­mother, hop­ing they would there be safe. When she was five, Ce­cilia was in­structed by her grand­mother in the tech­niques of Royal metic­u­lous, a tra­di­tion of water­colour paint­ing from the Qing court. From what we know, her grand­mother was an ex­act­ing in­struc­tor, in­sist­ing that ev­ery de­tail be done just per­fectly, an ap­proach that would serve Ce­cilia well as her artis­tic tal­ent be­gan to bloom. Later, Ce­cilia was a stu­dent of the fa­mous Chi­nese artist Chen Yifei, from whom she learned to paint del­i­cate faces and drap­ery folds. She has learned to com­bine the tech­niques of Royal metic­u­lous and those from Chen Yifei with her own in­ven­tions to cre­ate oil paint­ings with sen­si­tive faces, ro­bust tex­tures and ex­trav­a­gant colours, as shown on th­ese pages. She has also de­vel­oped a new paint­ing tech­nique based on

Chi­nese tra­di­tional metic­u­lous water­colour, but done in oil on can­vas. She has con­tin­ued to hone this style, and her paint­ings are now val­ued by Chi­nese col­lec­tors. While there are some one hun­dred painters in the Aisin Gioro fam­ily through­out the world to­day, Ce­cilia is the first and only oil painter. This year, she is tak­ing her her­itage a step fur­ther with the open­ing of her own gallery, the Aisin Gioro Fine Art gallery, in Van­cou­ver's Chi­na­town. This mu­seum style gallery will fea­ture Ce­cilia's work, and art works by other mem­bers of her fam­ily, along with Manchurian and Qing dy­nasty arte­facts. Look for Ce­cilia and se­lected paint­ings from her gallery at Art Van­cou­ver 2016, and at the Aisin Gioro Fine Art Gallery, lo­cated at 119B East Pen­der Street in Van­cou­ver, BC.

above, The Stage #1, oil on can­vas, 31" x 47", 2014 right, The Bride #4, oil on can­vas, 31" x 47", 2015

left top, That Night #2, oil on can­vas, 31" x 47", 2014 left bot­tom-right, Em­peror Qian­long, oil on can­vas, 31" x 47", 2015 left bot­tom-left, That Night-the Magic Mir­ror, oil on can­vas, 31" x 47", 2015 above, The stage 3, oil on can­vas, 31" x 47", 2015

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