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Even though the morn­ing dawns bright and clear, it snowed again last night. The white ex­panse of the lake is bro­ken here and there by patches of open water. Some­times ot­ters can be seen, pre­par­ing break­fast by div­ing in along the water’s edge and resur­fac­ing with a freshly caught fish. Bald ea­gles find this de­liv­ery ser­vice hard to re­sist and swoop in to take over an easy meal. Close to the house, birds are al­ready con­gre­gat­ing around the feeder, ig­nor­ing the sharp chat­ter of a red squir­rel still try­ing to fig­ure out how to get his share. It’s all a nice dis­trac­tion, but the drive and laneway lead­ing out to the road are go­ing to need clear­ing. Some­time be­tween start and fin­ish, amid the spray of snow be­ing blown be­tween the trees along the lane, old thoughts be­gin to sur­face. This is a re­cur­ring event prompted by a lin­ger­ing won­der, even af­ter all these years. Al­though each step along the way is known and can be re­called eas­ily, there re­mains the nag­ging in­sis­tence of im­prob­a­ble events af­fect­ing un­cer­tain out­comes.

left, Desert in My Mind, acrylic on can­vas, 23" x 22" above, In the Balance, acrylic on can­vas, 24" x 30"

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