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Left alone can be a har­row­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. El­e­gant Ja­pan takes cen­tre stage In The For­est. Fresh fod­der from Uni­ver­sal Pic­tures this hor­ror film is now draw­ing peo­ple to Cine­plex Odeon The­atres around B.C Fam­ily is im­por­tant. When a re­luc­tant Jess heads off to Ja­pan her twin sis­ter Sara has var­i­ous mis­giv­ings. Tele­vi­sion star Natalie Dormer nav­i­gates tricky wa­ters in­deed here. Pic­turesque Ja­pan be­comes a liv­ing night­mare when lit­tle sis­ter Jess gets lost in a famed for­est re­gion. Where Jess goes trou­ble fol­lows. Born for ad­ven­ture when Jess goes miss­ing pangs go off in Sara’s heart so she does what any con­cerned fam­ily mem­ber would do: she sets off for the land of the ris­ing sun. Old leg­ends say this for­est is vis­ited by those who want to end their lives. Not ready to ac­cept the in­evitable once Sara steps foot among the an­cient trees her jour­ney be­comes prob­lem­atic, to say the least.

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