Greater Goods Three con­cepts that re­veal what air pol­lu­tion ac­tu­ally looks like

Three dis­parate projects highlight the scourge of air pol­lu­tion by en­cour­ag­ing new ways of see­ing (and us­ing) it


→ Smog Free Bi­cy­cle

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde con­tin­ues his ef­forts to make pol­lu­tion vis­i­ble. His lat­est idea is the Smog Free Bi­cy­cle, which hoovers up dirty air through a de­vice mounted on the han­dle­bars. As cy­clists pedal, the de­vice blows clean air around them. “Bei­jing used to be an iconic bi­cy­cle city,” says the eco-in­no­va­tor. “We want to bring that cul­ture back as a step to­ward smog-free cities.” Though it is still a con­cept, the bike would send highly vis­i­ble re­minders of smog-bust­ing ef­forts and make the air a lit­tle bit more breath­able in the process. stu­

← Air-ink

Graviky Labs of Ban­ga­lore in In­dia has turned air pol­lu­tion into a ma­te­rial for art and writ­ing. Stripped of its heavy met­als and car­cino­gens, ve­hi­cle ex­haust is the same car­bon pow­der used to make In­dia ink. Us­ing pro­pri­etary tech­nol­ogy, Graviky cap­tures car­bon from tailpipes, treats it and turns it into five grades of ink (for screen print­ing, mark­ers and more). One pen reuses 45 min­utes’ worth of driv­ing emis­sions. This process won’t off­set global emis­sions, but, as com­pany co-founder Nikhil Kaushik says, “It’s about un­learn­ing the man-made con­cept of ‘waste’.” ↑ Pol­lu­tion Pop­si­cles As a creative way to en­sure the prob­lem of pol­lu­tion is never out of mind, a team of stu­dents at Na­tional Tai­wan Univer­sity of Arts col­lected pol­luted sam­ples from rivers, lakes and ports around Tai­wan, then re­placed the wa­ter with trans­par­ent resin. The re­sult­ing sludge was cast into un­palat­able pop­si­cles that in­vite the ques­tion, “Would you eat this?” The team re­leased 100 dec­o­ra­tive pop­si­cles in all, each in a unique num­bered wrap­per. face­ Pol­lut­ed­wat er­pop­si­cles

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