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How do you spot and en­cour­age tal­ent? I stopped hir­ing, other than ma­jor hires, I would say three years ago. I let my man­agers and lead­ers hire their own teams; I think that's im­por­tant. I help, and I will ob­vi­ously give my opin­ion, but I want them to hire their own team so that team can feel right to them and it's go­ing to be their style.

What was your big­gest lead­er­ship mis­take?

In the be­gin­ning, it's hard to let go. I prob­a­bly didn't let go early enough. I prob­a­bly stayed in the trenches a lit­tle bit too long, prob­a­bly be­came a lit­tle bit of a worka­holic be­cause of lead­er­ship. I think it took me a lit­tle while to re­al­ize that, “Hey, this is a re­ally tal­ented team that we have out here, and I can let go, and I know they're go­ing to get the job done.”

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