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Matcha makes a great Mother’s Day tea be­cause it’s unique – just like dear old ma. Here’s why: Matcha tea is made from shade-grown leaves that are ground into a fine pow­der and whisked into a frothy bev­er­age – you ac­tu­ally drink the leaves rather than steep them. The re­sult is a more-than-100-fold in­crease in the amount of EGCG (a pow­er­ful polyphe­nol) over reg­u­lar green tea. One study found that EGCG in­creased the pro­duc­tion of brain cells, im­prov­ing learn­ing and mem­ory in mice. An­other found that it re­vived dy­ing skin cells, po­ten­tially im­prov­ing skin con­di­tions. Isn’t that some­thing we can all cel­e­brate?

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