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In this new monthly fea­ture, cer­ti­fied ath­letic ther­a­pist Peter Le­v­idis cre­ates easy and ac­ces­si­ble work­outs. Here’s his seven-day plan that you can do any­where for all-over con­di­tion­ing. Aim for 12 to 15 reps each.

MON­DAY (Push) Do push-ups off a counter, keep­ing your el­bows fac­ing 45 de­grees be­hind you.

SATUR­DAY (Lunge) Do walk­ing lunges, keep­ing your front knee be­hind your toes, low­er­ing for a count of two, paus­ing for one sec­ond and ris­ing for one sec­ond.

THURSDAY (Squat) Do body weight squats, keep­ing your bum back and low­er­ing for a count of three. Pause for a sec­ond and raise for a count of one.

WED­NES­DAY (Twist) Us­ing an elas­tic band, do a lunge stretch from side to side as you sweep the elas­tic around the front of your body.

TUES­DAY (Pull) Do elas­tic rows with an ex­er­cise band, keep­ing your el­bows be­hind you as you pull your shoul­ders back­wards.

FRI­DAY (Bend) Do Ro­ma­nian dead lifts, hing­ing at the hip to lift a weight of your choice, knees slightly bent and back arched.

SUN­DAY (Walk) Go for a quick-paced walk or jog for 15 to 20 min­utes.

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