Stretch­ing the Truth

The re­al­ity is, most of us stretch in­cor­rectly, and that can be dan­ger­ous. Here’s what you need to know to avoid in­jury.

Best Health - - FITNESS NEWS - Thanks to Ann Green, founder of Bliss Ann Green Yoga Stu­dio in Bar­rie, ON


Get your heart rate up and warm your body by do­ing high knees (jog­ging on the spot, bring­ing your knees to hip level), deep squats, twist­ing lunges (where you ro­tate your up­per body to the side and ex­tend your top arm in the air), jumps and toe taps (ly­ing on your back with legs raised at 90 de­grees, al­ter­nately tap­ping your feet on the floor).


Do a gen­tle yoga flow. Move from war­rior I to war­rior II, then tran­si­tion into a tri­an­gle and a twist­ing lunge. Re­mem­ber to re­peat ev­ery­thing on the op­po­site side and pay at­ten­tion to your breath­ing, mak­ing all move­ments as you ex­hale.

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