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Daily Re­pair for early teeth and gum dam­age.†

Re-min­er­al­ize weak­ened enamel and strengthen your teeth with Colgate To­tal* Ad­vanced Health* Daily Re­pair Tooth­paste. Do even more with Colgate To­tal* Daily Re­pair Mouth­wash. Re­fresh. Re­plen­ish. Re­pair. § Value Ž . š. col­gate­to­ †Tooth­paste and Mouth­wash help fight cav­i­ties and strengthen enamel by re­build­ing weak spots. Tooth­paste also helps pre­vent gin­givi­tis and re­lieve tooth sen­si­tiv­ity. §Re­freshes breath, helps re­plen­ish nat­u­ral cal­cium by re-min­er­al­iz­ing enamel dam­age, helps re­pair soft­ened enamel weak­ened by acid ero­sion. Colgate-Pal­mo­live Canada Inc. *TM Reg’d/M.D.

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