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1 Work in sec­tions and from a dis­tance. “Lift your hair in hor­i­zon­tal sec­tions and spray the roots from 30 cen­time­tres away. Avoid spray­ing too close to the head, which con­cen­trates the prod­uct and leaves white residue.”

2 Give your fin­ger­tips a work­out! Dry sham­poo needs to be put to work. Mas­sage it in un­til it dis­ap­pears.

3 Break out the brush. “Brush­ing re­moves the prod­uct and oil from the scalp, leav­ing your hair re­newed and re­freshed,” says Far­rauto. If you have tight waves, curls or tex­tured hair, use your fin­gers in­stead to shake and dis­trib­ute the prod­uct.

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