Hav­ing your body in the right po­si­tion when stand­ing or sit­ting can pre­vent in­juries and un­due stress on your mus­cles. Cer­ti­fied ath­letic ther­a­pist Peter Le­v­idis de­vel­oped a week-long plan to build the mus­cles you need to sup­port a strong, healthy pos­ture

Best Health - - FITNESS NEWS - work­out de­vel­oped by PETER LE­V­IDIS, CER­TI­FIED ATH­LETIC THER­A­PIST | il­lus­tra­tions by MARIE CAISSIE-PAR­SONS


Ly­ing on your stom­ach, with your arms by your sides and your palms turned out, lift your chest and arms off the floor, keep­ing your gaze for­ward on the floor. Hold for 30 sec­onds and re­peat.


With one knee or leg rest­ing on a chair be­hind you and the other knee bent in front (as if to lunge), tilt your pelvis for­ward, squeeze your but­tocks and raise the arm that’s on the same side as the leg be­hind you. Re­peat three times on ei­ther side, hold­ing for 10 sec­onds.


Start­ing on all fours, ex­tend one arm and the op­po­site leg. Pull them to­ward you to touch the el­bow and knee be­neath you, then ex­tend again. Keep el­bows soft and don’t col­lapse the up­per back.

Re­peat 12 times on ei­ther side.


Ly­ing on your stom­ach with your hands be­side your shoul­ders, press into the floor and lift your chest, keep­ing your pelvis on the floor. Hold for 10 sec­onds and re­peat.


Plac­ing one foot on a chair, grab the out­side of that leg with the op­po­site hand, twist­ing your torso to­ward your leg. Hold for five sec­onds and re­peat five times on ei­ther side.


With elas­tic tub­ing wrapped around a solid sup­port and one side of the tub­ing in ei­ther hand, pull your el­bows back and keep your shoul­ders down. Hold for 30 sec­onds and re­peat.

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