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PRING IS ON THE VERGE of spring­ing, and we are all ready to revel in the fresh­ness and en­ergy that comes with the new sea­son. The first drop of fuel in your tank, also known as break­fast, is vi­tal to how high and far that springi­ness will get you.

Ready to take your morn­ing nosh to the next level? Meet the sel­dom bragged about, hum­ble de­light that you can make on your kitchen counter overnight: co­conut ke­fir.

Think of it as a cross be­tween co­conut milk, which it’s made from, and the creami­est, smoothest yo­gurt you’ve ever had. It’s a bit like your usual yo­gurt hav­ing a spring break fling with a piña co­lada. It’s creamy and co­conutty, but best of all, it’s a pow­er­house of pro­bi­otics.


Sim­i­lar to yo­gurt, tra­di­tional ke­fir is a fer­mented milk bev­er­age made us­ing ke­fir grains. The grains are a cul­ture com­prised of polysac­cha­rides, of which ke­fi­ran is one. The grains look a bit like over­cooked rice, but are ac­tu­ally a col­lec­tion of bac­te­ria and yeast. Stay with me here: If this all sounds too much like a science project, that’s OK, there’s an eas­ier way to make a ke­fir-like creamy milk us­ing that pro­bi­otic you have tucked away in your fridge. Where tra­di­tional ke­fir is of­ten made with cow, goat or sheep milk and the above-men­tioned grains, you can make an equally gut-friendly, creamy ver­sion with a can of co­conut milk and a cou­ple of pro­bi­otic cap­sules.


With a home­made co­conut ke­fir, you get all the ben­e­fits of a fer­mented food with­out the di­ges­tive up­set some peo­ple ex­pe­ri­ence with dairy prod­ucts. Co­conut ke­fir is rich in pro­bi­otics that help re­fresh and re­plen­ish the mi­cro­biome, which is es­sen­tial for im­mune health, di­ges­tion, clear com­plex­ion and weight man­age­ment.


En­joy your co­conut ke­fir the same way you would eat yo­gurt. You can serve it up with fruit, top it with gra­nola, add it to your smooth­ies or blend it with your favourite fruit and honey. You can even freeze it and make your own co­conut ice cream treats.

Some may say this isn’t au­then­tic ke­fir be­cause we’re not us­ing the grains. Or, this isn’t re­ally yo­gurt be­cause we’re not us­ing a yo­gurt starter cul­ture. My take? It doesn’t mat­ter be­cause it’s easy, de­li­cious and good for you. That’s a triple threat where I come from.

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