Tips, tricks and prod­ucts for sum­mer hair made sim­ple


STYLE TAKE EASY STREET Ef­fort­lessly beau­ti­ful hair doesn’t re­quire that much ef­fort. On short hair, Mar­il­isa Sears, artis­tic di­rec­tor for

Marc An­thony Hair Care, re­lies on tex­tur­izer. “It gets rid of grease, which ap­pears faster in sum­mer, and gives hair a new fin­ish in 20 sec­onds.” Ap­ply­ing mois­tur­iz­ing cream to damp, long straight hair be­fore ty­ing it up into a loose knot to air-dry yields a pretty tex­ture. And for nat­u­ral curls, she en­cour­ages pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance. “Wrap it at night, use a silk pil­low­case and have a dry con­di­tioner on hand to add shine.”


Cock­tail­ing hair prod­ucts is the proap­proved way to meet the chang­ing mood of your mane, and Mother Na­ture. “Re­al­is­ti­cally you don’t use the ex­act same amount of any prod­uct ev­ery single day. On curls, if it’s a lit­tle bit hu­mid you need some­thing to stop the frizz from hap­pen­ing, and then just a bit of de­finer. With straight hair, if it’s so hu­mid that the cu­ti­cle lifts and is open you need some­thing that makes it sleek more than some­thing that makes it straight,” says Sears. “What I like about cock­tail­ing is that the con­trol is so com­pletely yours.” CARE A CLEAN START The great­est ally to boost hair health is in your shower. “In the warmer months we tend to use less heated ap­pli­ances, but hair can be sub­jected to more fre­quent wash­ing, lighter colour choices, which take more out of the hair, and ex­po­sure to the sun,” says celeb stylist Re­bekah Fore­cast, Hair Food celebrity stylist. “Use a sham­poo and con­di­tioner sys­tem to ad­dress your hair type and re­plen­ish hair with what it needs.”


Wear­ing a hat scores high as the best way to pro­tect hair from UV rays, but low on the doable-forevery­day scale. Fore­cast rec­om­mends us­ing serums, oils and creams. “An­thing that coats the outside of the hair will ward off some of the sun. I also en­cour­age clients to use more prod­uct in the sum­mer to smooth the cu­ti­cle be­cause that’s one of the rea­sons you’d use a hair dryer.” Un­plug­ging dur­ing the sunny sea­son isn’t just for your iPhone.


Creamy and caramel-y. That’s how New York-based stylist and Clairol Color Di­rec­tor James Cor­bett de­scribes the hair colour of the mo­ment, as seen on stars Jennifer Garner and Laura Dern at the 2018 Os­cars. Garner’s high­lights are es­pe­cially easy to recre­ate at home with Nice’n Easy in shade SB2. “It’s a blonde shade that looks scary on the box but it’s re­ally per­fect be­cause it gives more lift than de­posit of colour,” he says, “Nor­mally when you high­light with bleach you need to re­move pig­ment and then re-tone. With this you’re do­ing it all in one step.”


A quick hair colour shift needn’t be an all-in com­mit­ment. Cor­bett loves Garner’s face-fram­ing and “grownout” colour. “You can go through your hair, do some strands to­wards the bot­tom, and work up the hair shaft the more com­fort­able you get.”


It takes ex­tra care to pre­serve any hue in the heat. Weekly con­di­tion­ing treat­ments are key. “It’s like paint­ing a sur­face, if your hair is not in the best shape then you’re not go­ing to get the best re­sults,” says Cor­bett. Hit­ting the pool? “Wet hair with tap wa­ter be­fore swim­ming so it can’t soak up dam­ag­ing chlo­ri­nated wa­ter.” He says to think of the hair like a sponge: if it’s al­ready full of wa­ter, it can’t take in more chlo­ri­nated wa­ter.

A new no-drip cream with a flo­ral fragrance de­liv­ers 100 per­cent grey cov­er­age — con­sider at-home hair colour over­hauled. CLAIROL NICE’N EASY IN SB , Free of sil­i­cones, parabens and min­eral oil, this kiwi- and figs­cented sham­poo max­i­mizes hair...

One of three op­tions that meets the needs of all hair types, this du­alcham­ber tube makes it easy to mix and layer styling essen­tials. MARC AN­THONY DEFINE & DEFRIZZ CURL COCK­TAIL

Of­fer­ing KPF 50 (that’s ker­atin pro­tec­tive fac­tor), this sil­i­cone-free, sesame oil blend guards wet and dry hair against UV dam­age. RENÉ FURTERER SOLAIRE SUN RIT­UAL PRO­TEC­TIVE SUM­MER OIL,

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