SUB­JECT, CH­ERYL HICKEY, IS BEAU­TI­FUL, stylish and gre­gar­i­ous. The photos con­firm that. What the pic­tures can’t tell you is that she’s also grounded, fo­cused and one of the most “pre­sent” women we’ve ever had the plea­sure of work­ing with. Lit­er­ally mo­ments be­fore she stepped on to our cover set, Hickey re­ceived a call in­form­ing her that her dad had just been di­ag­nosed with de­men­tia. Can you imag­ine? Not easy news on the best of days, but when you’re stand­ing in a room full of strangers who are all wait­ing to start work, it’s es­pe­cially hard. Hickey ex­cused her­self mo­men­tar­ily, but re­turned with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. And, as you can tell from our photo se­ries, the day went off with­out a hitch. A few weeks af­ter our shoot, we caught up with Hickey for her take on how she pro­cessed that chal­leng­ing mo­ment. “It was shock­ing and heart­break­ing and de­flat­ing and scary all at the same time, but I also knew that we had a job to do that day — which is what hap­pens in life in gen­eral.” When you read our pro­file piece, you’ll soon re­al­ize that Hickey lives a full and glam­orous life, but keeps her feet firmly planted in re­al­ity. “There are a lot of mov­ing parts in my life, and a lot of it is fam­ily, which is front and cen­tre for me. So that shoot day was a per­fect example of my real life. It’s a day I won’t for­get for many rea­sons: it was a great ex­pe­ri­ence with Best Health and a beau­ti­ful day, but also a bit of a po­lar­iz­ing day.” (To say the least.) For more re­veal­ing in­sight into this in­spir­ing woman, see page 24. Be­ing “pre­sent” is also the theme run­ning through our New Year, New You piece, page 30. Ev­ery woman con­sid­ers Septem­ber the real new year, but most of us use the time to fo­cus on our fam­ily’s needs. This year, we en­cour­age you to spend a lit­tle time fo­cus­ing on your­self. Be pre­sent in your life: lis­ten to your body, treat your­self to a lit­tle some­thing-some­thing. You de­serve it! We’d love to hear how you take the time to be pre­sent in your own life. Share your thoughts with us at: editor@besthealth­

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