Nasty Zinesters Fight Back!

Cop­ing with a Don­ald Trump world through art and out­rage

Broken Pencil - - Table Of Contents - Edited by Ali­son Lang Fea­tur­ing Cory, Aaron Lange, Ja­son Luther, Alana Mo­hamed, Hal Niedzviecki, and Jonathan Valelly

HOW DOES ONE RE­ACT when the rug is pulled out from un­der you? When an or­angey re­al­ity-show busi­ness­man — a bad busi­ness­man — a racist, a xeno­phobe, a misog­y­nis­tic hate­ful troll has as­sumed con­trol of the world’s most pow­er­ful coun­try? Like every­one else, we’ve scrolled through think­piece after think­piece un­til our eyes dried like prunes in their sock­ets, try­ing to fig­ure out how the hell this hap­pened, and how the hell to parse it. We’ve read myr­iad sug­ges­tions from peo­ple far smarter than our­selves about how to think, how to act, how to feel. It’s ok to be fu­ri­ous, it’s ok to be anx­ious, it’s ok to be scared. It’s our im­per­a­tive right now to feel, to think and to act when we are ready. It’s im­per­a­tive to take care of our­selves and our friends and those who need sup­port and al­lies. It’s most im­por­tant of all to keep mak­ing art that ex­plores these com­pli­ca­tions and pro­vides a mouth­piece for our rage and help­less­ness. We have pro­filed sev­eral folks who have made anti-trump zines and comics, and our staffers have con­trib­uted some es­says of their own. We hope these pieces will of­fer some com­fort, or at very least, some­thing to think about as the world heads into yet another po­lit­i­cal dark age. (Ali­son Lang)

AMONG THE MOST RIDICU­LOUS warn­ings about the Trump pres­i­dency is that we can’t al­low the Trump phe­nom­e­non to be­come `nor­mal’. Alas, I take a pretty dim view of hu­man­ity. For me, blowhard dem­a­gogues who get rich and pow­er­ful with their daddy’s money then use that money and power to get more power (and money) are as nor­mal (and Amer­i­can) as ap­ple pie and hand guns. The as­cen­dancy of Trump and his lizard cab­i­net of bil­lion­aire cronies is yet another les­son in the ba­nal­ity of evil as chan­neled through the con­form­ity and pas­siv­ity of the hy­per-me­di­ated crowd. In a mod­ern age that brought us Hiroshima, Hitler and many other cap­i­tal H hor­rors, Trump’s nor­malcy should no more be ques­tioned than his le­git­i­macy. Might makes right; it al­ways has and it al­ways will.

I have also heard peo­ple say­ing that Trump’s elec­tion will be a good thing for in­de­pen­dent and un­der­ground cul­ture. Their rea­son­ing is that the denizens of zine cul­ture will be at the fore­front of the op­po­si­tion. We will be more im­por­tant than ever. It’s al­ways nice to feel needed, but I don’t buy that ar­gu­ment ei­ther. Don­ald Trump back­lash isn’t ex­actly on the fringe. When hat­ing the or­ange one puts you in the same com­pany as ev­ery New York Times colum­nist, ev­ery Bush, ev­ery Clin­ton and ev­ery Sil­i­con Val­ley Richie-rich with a con­science (note: Elon Musk does not have a con­science), it’s time to re­think the idea that you’re on the van­guard of the op­po­si­tion.

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