6x6 #35: they say tri­an­gle

Po­etry Zine, Kim Hunter, Anna Gur­ton-wachter, Ju­dith Gold­man, Brid­get Talone, Ted Dod­son, & Katy Led­erer, 56 pgs, Ugly Duck­ling Presse, ug­ly­duck­ling­presse.org, $6

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This penul­ti­mate is­sue of Ugly Duck­ling Presse’s long-run­ning mag­a­zine is as much a treat in its phys­i­cal assem­bly as it is in the po­etry con­tained. The mag­a­zine, which fea­tures six au­thors per is­sue (but mys­te­ri­ously mea­sures 7”x 7”) is set on wide-mar­gin cream pa­per, wrapped in a stylish let­ter­press-printed blue jacket, and bound with a thick min­i­mal rub­ber band (cour­tesy, says the colophon, of Keenan Rub­ber, Ohio). It is this in­ge­nu­ity, the prod­uct of un-named vol­un­teers and skilled de­sign­ers, that would keep me pur­chas­ing Ugly Duck­ling pub­li­ca­tions even if they were filled with blank pa­per.

Po­ets Kim Hunter, Anna Gur­tonwachter, Ju­dith Gold­man, Brid­get Talone, Ted Dod­son, & Katy Led­erer fill the pages of this edi­tion with a healthy va­ri­ety and high stan­dard. Kim Hunter’s con­tri­bu­tions are among my favourites, laps­ing from the blues rhyme-scheme of “they say tri­an­gle” (“this is the blues | that shade the sky | made a baby from the dust | of a but­ter­fly | grew house of shadow | and door of song | made flesh walk hot | as the day is long”) into the breath­less ex­hor­ta­tions of “ev­ery­thing about the river is true” (“the detroit news re­ported there would be no more re­ports from | the detroit news | and that all pre­vi­ous re­ports were fab­ri­ca­tions | ex­cept for the ones about the river | ev­ery­thing about the river is true | for now”). Her ap­proach is of­ten too pon­der­ous to be called ac­tivism, but too polemic to be read as an unas­sum­ing lyric. This is po­etry with a strong spine, and de­serves the ti­tle-card it re­ceives on this is­sue. (Joel W. Vaughan)

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