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O vast uni­verse; O great spec­trum of life, from which springs such in­com­pre­hen­si­ble crea­tures as this here junkie from space. What drugs are dealt in space? What can I say about zines with such elu­sive ori­gins and mes­sages? Each cer­tainly has its tale, but for this one, Space Junkie Zine, I be­gin with this spec­u­la­tive ob­ser­va­tion: It is the re­sult of a recipe. Namely this one: Have on hand many spare Pri­or­ity Mail la­bels of the United States Postal Ser­vice. Rather than ad­dress them, draw on them. It doesn’t mat­ter what you draw, just some­thing. A car­toony punk rocker with ver­ti­cally-aligned eye­balls? Yes, ab­so­lutely, that is fine. Af­fix these la­bels to blank zine pages. Pro­cure one cam­era with fish-eye lens. Take pic­tures of shit. No, not lit­eral shit — I mean things like stairs, a daisy, your­self. Put these pic­tures on zine pages, too. Next, take out that old pic­ture-bi­ble a well-mean­ing aunt gave you when you were a kid. Rip out the pages of Sam­son and add those to the mix. Re­mem­ber how at Sam­son’s demise he prayed one last prayer to God for help in crush­ing a whole sta­dium full of Philistines? And God was like, “Yeah, that’s cool, go for it”? Use that page out of your pic­ture-bi­ble. And for good mea­sure, draw a lil’ pe­nis stick­ing out of Sam­son’s loin cloth. Haha, that’s funny! Con­grat­u­la­tions, your zine is done.

I do not know what’s go­ing on with Space Junkie Zine. But per­haps you get the idea. Some of the pic­ture-bi­ble col­lages are in colour, the fish-eye pho­tos are in black and white. There are other ran­dom things, like a photo of a guy with an in­flat­able gui­tar. There is a lot of white space and more than one blank page. Does it mean some­thing? I don’t know. Can I rec­om­mend this zine? Same an­swer. (Joshua Bar­ton)

Zine, Weisham­pel, PO Box 442, Methow, WA, 98834, USA, $2 USD

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