Cam’s Jour­ney

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Comic, John James, 28 pgs, fun­with­john­, $8

Cam needs some more ad­ven­ture in their life. Get­ting up at 8am, driv­ing, work­ing, and watch­ing things are all well and good, but things can get a lit­tle dry. Thank­fully, a three-headed in­ter­di­men­sional be­ing needs help, and Cam’s the girl to do it (af­ter some urg­ing), and so be­gins Cam’s Jour­ney, a fun self-con­tained ad­ven­ture from Port­land’s John James.

James’s art is cute, and Cam’s al­most non-ex­is­tent torso and hy­per-long limbs give her a great ex­pres­sive­ness. Things move briskly in the comic, with Cam al­most al­ways in some form of mo­tion from one panel to the next. They hike through the woods, lis­ten to a tape, and en­counter an an­thro­po­mor­phized me­teor who only ever wanted a friend. They set up camp and then pro­ceed to tran­scend time and space.

It’s this in­ter­play be­tween the mun­dane — Cam lis­tens to a tape deck — and the cos­mic, and how each is given equal

weight, that I found par­tic­u­larly en­joy­able. Sure, meet­ing an all-know­ing en­tity is ex­cit­ing, but it’s re­ally just an­other step along Cam’s first out­ing in a while. “Is this all a metaphor to help un­der­stand our drift­ing hu­man con­nec­tions and our de­sire to find friend­ship?” asks Cam. “Well, yes,” replies the three-headed alien. But hey! What isn’t these days? We all need to get out more, and Cam’s ex­am­ple is a good one to fol­low. (Gra­ham Sig­urd­son)

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