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On a re­cent three-day busi­ness trip, I put the de­vice to the test. Rather than wait­ing for each of my de­vices to be fully drained, I sim­ply charged de­vices when they were idle (for ex­am­ple, dur­ing take-offs and land­ings). The iPhone voice and data use was fairly heavy and by the end of day one, bat­tery life was just be­low half and I once again used the iTorch to charge my de­vices. With the de­vices charged, the iTorch was down to 2 solid lights and the third blink­ing – about 67 per­cent charged. The fol­low­ing two days, I con­tin­ued the same ap­proach with one ex­cep­tion. Dur­ing meet­ings, I charged the iTorch al­lowed for con­tin­u­ous power and I did not have to pull out mul­ti­ple de­vices, cords or wall adapters for each de­vice. The sleek look of the iTorch now made me look like an ad­vanced trav­eler with power to spare.

On its Web site, New Trent does spec­ify 20 hours of iPhone 5 us­age and 13 hours for Ipad (3rd gen­er­a­tion) with video and WiFi turned on for both. Spo­rad­i­cally recharg­ing on days two and three of my busi­ness trip ap­pears to yield re­sults con­sis­tent with iTouch statis­tics and specs.

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