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Stretch­ing and sim­ple re­sis­tance ex­er­cises are gen­er­ally safe, but it is also easy to use the wrong mus­cles when do­ing them. In most cases you just won’t get the sup­posed re­sults, but in worstcase sce­nar­ios you can pull a mus­cle or in­jure your joints. Here are some ba­sic safety tips for your ref­er­ence: When do­ing leaps, land softly by slightly bend­ing your knees When land­ing, the balls of the feet should touch down first, fol­lowed by the soles and then the heels Al­ways keep your back straight when do­ing re­sis­tance train­ing – don’t slouch and don’t arch your back Be fo­cused on us­ing the cor­rect mus­cles – when you are do­ing ab­dom­i­nal crunches, get the strength from your abs, not your neck Don’t shrug when ex­er­cis­ing While you should al­ways push yourself a bit harder, if your pos­ture is start­ing to go off, be sure to take a break and re­gain strength be­fore ex­er­cis­ing again If you’re do­ing box­ing moves, re­mem­ber that joints should stay soft and not be locked, and af­ter throw­ing a punch or a kick, you should al­ways re­tract be­fore re­sum­ing start­ing po­si­tion Main­tain con­sis­tent speed in your mo­tions, avoid jerk­ing move­ments BT

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