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Rec­om­mended by Ge­orge Sung of Fiji Fit­ness The move:

Be­gin on all fours with your el­bows di­rectly be­low your shoul­ders and sup­port­ing your up­per body Your knees should be aligned di­rectly be­low your hips. Pull your belly but­ton into your spine and sta­bi­lize your core mus­cles Ex­tend your right leg straight be­hind you Keep­ing your leg straight, lift it up as high as pos­si­ble with­out twist­ing your hips Pause at the top of the move­ment Lower your leg back to the floor Com­plete the de­sired num­ber of reps and then switch to your left leg

Things to note:

Keep your back flat Don’t arch

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