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Rec­om­mended by Sam Wong from Phys­i­cal Fit­ness As­so­ci­a­tion of Hong Kong, China www.hkpfa.org.hk The move: Lie on your back on the bed Bend your legs at the knee but keep both feet on the bed Raise your right leg from the knee and curl your toes up­wards Wrap a towel around your right foot and use your hands to grasp the towel Straighten your right leg and use the towel to pull up to­wards your torso as close as pos­si­ble You will feel a stretch in your pos­te­rior thigh and calf mus­cles Hold the po­si­tion for 15-30 sec­onds Switch legs and re­peat

Things to note: Main­tain reg­u­lar breath­ing through­out – do not hold your breath Move­ment should be slow and steady – no bounc­ing

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