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com­par­a­tively un­ob­stru­sive. The Ritz-Carl­ton is on the 23rd through 41st floors of the R&F Cen­ter.You en­ter through a ground floor lobby and take the el­e­va­tor to the re­cep­tion floor. Mar­ble and glass and good art abound. The am­bi­ence is un­der­stated and pleas­antly taste­ful.

In the Qingyang Dis­trict, near the soc­cer sta­dium and not far from the city’s best shop­ping. It’s within walk­ing dis­tance of Tianfu Square, the prime pub­lic gath­er­ing place. Chengdu res­i­dents are re­laxed, and ap­proach­able – at least in com­par­i­son to the in­hab­i­tants of Beijing. Chengdu is to Beijing as Mu­nich is to Berlin. Still, Chengdu some­what shares with the Chi­nese cap­i­tal smudgy skies – a con­di­tion all but en­demic to many Chi­nese ci­ties. The Ritz-Carl­ton is a 30-minute taxi ride from the air­port.

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