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pop, rock + dance

• BrOkenFri: Soul Funk cIty Fri with Mr. Dwa, Safi & The­ol­ogy.Chef Ouda, Sat: 3-8 Dub p.m.; & Nat­u­ralGrub & Dub Selec­tion­with Hip Hop, 9 p.m. Wed: Rockin’ 4 Dol­lars. 613 11th Ave. S.W. 403-262-9976, bro­ cafe kOI • Fri: Dal­las Snider Quar­tet, Beth Ar­ri­son. Sat: Denise Valle, Brother Mose. Tue: Singer-Song­writer Open Mic. Wed: Lo­lai’rae, Melissa Martens. Thu: The Den­nis Kwok Trio. 1011 1st St. S.W. 403-206-1564, cafekoi. com. cOm­mOn­WealtH Bar & Stage • Fri: World Fa­mous with Disori­en­tal and Yung Nino. Sat: Mod­ern Vin­tage with Ivan Ran­kic, DJ Heebz and Roy LT. Mon: Blind Pi­lot. Tues­day: Susto. Wed: What A Time with Teddy Cel­e­bra­tion. 733 10th Ave. S.W. com­mon­wealth­ crav­IngS mar­ket reStau­rant • Wed: Wed Night Mu­sic Club with Gil Tougas. 7207 Fair­mount Dr. S.E. 403-2522083, crav­ings­mar­ke­trestau­ dIck­enS puB • Fri: Time­boy, Party Alarm, Ab­bie Thur­good. Sat: Men­tal Health, Sinzere Sings. Wed: IN The Whale, Free The Cyn­ics. 1000 9th Ave. S.W. 403-233-7550, dick­en­ dIStOrtIOn • Sat: Perv­core CD re­lease party, Gnar Gnars, World Class White Trash, Snakepit, Oh Fend­ers! Sun: Distortion’s Heavy Jam. Thu: Cal­gary Beer Core’s 13th an­niver­sary— Gol­ers, Glare, Path to Ex­tinc­tion, Chaos Be­ing. 3828 Macleod Tr. S. 403-4750860, face­­tor­tion­cal­gary. tHe dOg and duck puB • Ste­wart.Sat: Open 5340 Jam 2nd host­edSt. WFSB’s 403-253-2489,Sean the­do­g­duck­ el­BOW rIver caSInO • Fri and Sat: Bow River. 218 18th Ave. S.E. 403-289-8880, el­bowriver­ fIOnn mac­cOOl’S • Wed: Stag­gered Pints. 255 Bar­clay Pa­rade S.W. 403-517-6699. tHe gateWay • Tues­day: Make Them Suf­fer, En­ter­prise Earth, Spite. At Cam­pus Cen­tre, SAIT, 1301 16th Ave. N.W. 403-284-8760, gate­way­cal­ gOOd eartH cOf­fee­HOuSe • Fri: Open mic hosted by Home. 1502 11th St. S.W. 403-228-9543, good­earth­cof­fee­ HaBI­tat lIv­Ing SOund • Fri: Haus with Esette, Dan mcGar­vey, de Mille. Sat: Frag­ments with Pal­lares, Marco Car­doza, Andy Villa. Sun: Sun Sun with Omni, Crooka, Justin Kim, Brad Robertshaw. 1217 1st St. S.W. 403-263-5447, habi­tatliv­ing­ tHe HIfI cluB • Fri: Hun­dred% with Yung Nino. Sat: Cry­wolf, Burchill. Sun: Sun Skool with DJ Rice. 219 10th Ave. S.W. 403-263-5222, hi­fi­ jImmy’S nIgHt­cluB • Fri: Fiya Fri with DJ New­boy and guests. Sat: Sin Sat with DJ Gemini. 1316 33rd St. N.E. 403-863-0573, julIet’S caS­tle • Sat: Thomas T. & guests open jam, 3-7 p.m.; Orig­i­nal Sin­ners, 10 p.m. 440 16th Ave. N.E. 403-276-2866, juli­etscas­ mar­quee Beer mar­ket & Stage • Fri: In­fected Mush­room. Sat: Il­le­nium & Loosid. Sun: Rezz. 4630 Macleod Tr. S. 403287-2500, mar­queecal­ mOdel cIt­I­Zen • Fri: Kin­folk Dee­Jays. 308 17th Ave. S.W. mod­ mOr­gan’S On 17tH • Sat: Af­ter­noon jam hosted by Rus­tic Broth­ers, 4-7 p.m. Mon: Dual Fre­quency: A Drum and DJ show. Wed: Wed Night Rock Jam. Tue: Bro­kenToyz. Thu: Carla Olive. 1324 17th Ave. S.W. 403-2441332, mor­ganspub­cal­ mur­rIeta’S • Fri and Sat: Kye­mara. 200, 808 1st St. S.W. 403-269-7707. tHe naSH Off cut Bar • Thu: Live Mu­sic Thu. 925 11th St. S.E. 403-984-3365, nIte OWl • Fri: SVZN, Androway, Dead­Deer, On Off On. Wed: Hump­day House Party. Thu: De­trac­tions, Real Sick­ies, Me­lan­cholics, Mader. 213 10th Ave. S.W. 403-719-8145, ni­te­ow­ nO­taBle • Sun: Live Mu­sic Brunch, 12-2 p.m. 4611 Bow­ness Rd. N.W. 403-288-4372, no­tablether­estau­ tHe palOmInO • Fri: Brett McCrady, The Heir­looms, I Am The Moun­tain. Sat: Body Lens, Holy Void, Sub­jec­tiv­ity, Fit­ness. 109 7th Ave. S.W. 403532-1911, thep­ rOyal cana­dIan le­gIOn • 264 Fri and Sat: Cream & Sugar. 1918 Kens­ing­ton Rd. N.W. 403-283-5264. SHIp & an­cHOr puB • Sat: Open stage jam with As­tral Swan, Ma­son Jenk­ins, 2-6 p.m. Mon: Rob & Eric’s Punk Rock Sing-a-Long. Wed: Ten Minute De­tour, The Sweets, The Night Ter­rors. 534 17th Ave. S.W. 403-245-3333, shipan­dan­ SpOt puB and grIll • Sat: Open mic jam hosted by Scott Fooks and Den Davies. 4408 17th Ave. S.E. 403-272-8701. tHe tIpSy pIg • Fri and Sat: Coun­ter­feit. 405, 8120 Bed­ding­ton Blvd. N.W. 403-295-7744, tip­syp­ig­ tHe trOp • Fri and Sat: Orig­i­nal Sin­ners. 1501 34th Ave. S.W. 403-452-3160, vIn­tage cHOpHOuSe and tav­ern • Fri and Sat: Rus­tic Broth­ers. 320 11th Ave. S.W. 403-262-7262.

folk, roots + coun­try

• BIgFri and al’S Sat: Bar Krank’d. Sat, 4 p.m., and Thu, 8 p.m.: Coun­try jam with Bobby Gosse. 1915 31st St. S.E. 403-272-3477, bi­gals­bar­ café Blanca • Thu: Acous­tic open stage hosted by bird­heat. 240 River­front Ave. S.W. 403460-2002, cOunty lIne Sa­lOOn • Fri and Sat: Scott Skirv­ing. Wed: Red­necks & Rock­stars jam. 1825 50th St. S.E. 403272-9881, county­li­ne­sa­ tHe IrOnWOOd Stage and grIll • Fri: Over the Moon. Sat: The Steel Wheels. Tues­day: The Jerry Cans. Wed and Thu: Ben Wa­ters. 1229 9th Ave. S.E. 403-269-5581, iron­wood­ mIkey’S juke jOInt • Fri: Aaron James Sorensen. Sat: Ro­tary Park Sat Jam, 3-7 p.m. ; Dig Davis, 9 p.m. Sun: Sit Back Jam with Tom Phillips, 3-7 p.m. Wed: Open mic with Brooke Wylie and Jay Bow­cott. Thu: Groove The­ory Mu­si­cian’s Jam, 9 p.m. 1901 10th Ave. S.W. 403-2458833, mikeysjuke­ mIkey’S On 12tH • Sat: Tom Phillips and the Men of Con­stant Sor­row. Mon: Ro­tary Park Jam. Wed: Latin night with Los Morenos. Thu: The Ru­mi­nants. 918 12th Ave. S.W. 403-4528060. Oak tree tav­ern • Sun: Tra­di­tional Ir­ish Mu­sic Ses­sion, 4 p.m. Thu: Erin Ross. 124 10th St. N.W. 403270-3347, oak­tree­tav­ rancH­man’S • Sat: Ranch­man’s Sat Af­ter­noon Jam with Chuck McEwen, 4:30-8:30 p.m. 9615 Macleod Tr. S. 403-253-1100, ranch­mans. com.

jazz + blues

Betty lOu’S lI­Brary • Tue: Tues­day Night Jazz with Mark DeJong, Jeff Sulima, Steve Fletcher and Steve Shep­ard. 908 17th Ave. S.W. 403-4544774, bet­ty­lous­li­ tHe BlueS can • Fri and Sat: Gary Martin & The Heav­enly Blues Band.Sat: Tim Wil­liams Blues Jam, 3-7 p.m. Sun: Bill Dowey & The Heav­enly Blues Band Open Jam, 3-7 p.m.; Gary Martin’s Chicago Blues Jam, 8 p.m. Tue: FATS Tues­day Open Stage Jam hosted by Tom Phillips. 1429 9th Ave. S.E. 403-2622666, the­blues­ cafe kOI • Thu: Jazz ‘n’ More Open Mic. 1011 1st St. S.W. 403-206-1564, deane HOuSe • Sat and Sun: Jazz Brunch in Deane’s Gar­dens, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 806 9th Ave. S.E. 403-264-0595, deane­ Hex­ter’S puB • Martin.Sun: Big 6404 Rock Bow­nessBlues Jam Rd. host­edN.W. Gary hex­ter­ tHe IrOnWOOd Stage and grIll • Sat: Don Yuzwak’s Fam Jam, 2 p.m. 1229 9th Ave. S.E. 403-269-5581, iron­wood­stage. ca. kaWa eSpreSSO Bar • Sat: Sat Jam Ses­sion with Brook­lyn Bo­hach. 101, 1333 8th St. S.W. 403-4525233, kawa­cal­ lOlIta’S lOunge • Fri: The Ja­cob Wutzke Quin­tet. 1413 9th Ave. S.E. 403-265-5739, loli­ mIkey’S juke jOInt • Mon: Steve Pi­neo’s Blue Mon with the Blue Mon Trio. Tue: Tim Wil­liams Solo Acous­tic Blues. 1901 10th Ave. S.W. 403245-8833, mikeysjuke­ mIkey’S On 12tH • Fri: Mike Clark Band. Sat: Mike Clark’s Fa­mous Jam Ses­sion, 3-7 p.m. Tues­day: Tues­day Blues. 918 12th Ave. S.W. 403452-8060. prlr lOunge • Wed: Wed Night Jazz. 124 10th St. N.W. 403-455-2452, prl­r­ un­tI­tled cHam­pagne lOunge • Thu: Jazz & Bub­bles with Deanne Mat­ley Duo. 104, 620 8th Ave. S.W. un­ti­tledyyc. com. vIn rOOm mIS­SIOn • Sat: Live Jazz. 2310 4th St. S.W. 403-4575522, vin­

out of town

tHe StagelIne Sa­lOOn • Sun: Acous­tic jam ses­sion, 1-5 p.m. 304 1st St. W., Cochrane. 1-403-932-2442.

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