The Chris Pratt/Anna Faris split isn’t the only celebrity breakup to show us there’s no hap­pily ever af­ter

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Where were you when you heard Chris Pratt and Anna Faris an­nounced their sep­a­ra­tion?

The duo, who met in 2007 and have a four-year-old son, have be­come the most charm­ing of celebrity pair­ings. Fans’ ado­ra­tion only in­creased with their PDA, how they raved about each other and their play­ful rib­bing on so­cial me­dia. These two, we thought, seem grounded, in love and, de­spite liv­ing in the spot­light, could ac­tu­ally make it.

Sorry, not so. And their fans are not tak­ing it well.

While one fa­mous per­son piques the public’s in­ter­est, when two fa­mous peo­ple come to­gether to form a unit, that in­ter­est can reach fever pitch. Fans look to a celebrity re­la­tion­ship as proof of some­thing beyond them­selves. It’s not enough that ac­tors play char­ac­ters fall­ing head over heels in imag­i­nary tales on a screen. We want their ac­tual lives to serve as some kind of proof that it’s pos­si­ble to have it all, to en­joy fame and ac­co­lades but also be grounded, re­lat­able — and per­fect. Some cou­ples play up that per­cep­tion to the ben­e­fit of their public im­age, too.

So when those cou­ples break up — some cou­ples do! — fans take it per­son­ally and be­come over­come with sad­ness and de­spair. Here are some of the celebrity breakups that sparked that kind of dev­as­ta­tion.

Amy Poehler and Will Ar­nett

Length of re­la­tion­ship: Mar­ried nine years be­fore they an­nounced their split. Why ev­ery­one took it so hard: The two co­me­di­ans seemed like down-to-earth, hi­lar­i­ous goof­balls who could make each other laugh. They played op­po­site each other on TV shows and movies (Ar­rested De­vel­op­ment, Parks and Re­cre­ation , Blades of Glory), had ob­vi­ous on­screen chem­istry and riffed with each other dur­ing in­ter­views. Even Mindy Kal­ing gushed about their mar­riage in her book, Is Ev­ery­one Hang­ing Out With Me?

Brad Pitt and An­gelina Jolie

Length of re­la­tion­ship: More than a decade (and mar­ried for two years) be­fore an­nounc­ing their split. Why ev­ery­one took it so hard: “Brangelina” was the ul­ti­mate su­per-cou­ple. Dur­ing their part­ner­ship, Jolie be­came in­creas­ingly in­volved in high-pro­file hu­man­i­tar­ian work and Pitt took on more se­ri­ous film du­ties. Oh, and they had six kids. In 2016, The Washington Post wrote: “It’s hard now to re­mem­ber a time be­fore Brangelina or to even think of them as they were then, circa 2004. He was al­ready a pretty big deal, and so was she: two solid A-lis­ters oc­cu­py­ing equal but sep­a­rate swaths of the celebrity strato­sphere.”

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans

Length of re­la­tion­ship: Less than a year. Why ev­ery­one took it so hard: For some, Slate (a co­me­dian) and Evans (who lit­er­ally plays a su­per­hero in movies) seemed like an odd cou­ple. It was a pair­ing that maybe wouldn’t have come im­me­di­ately to mind, but once you saw them to­gether, made sense. Their re­la­tion­ship quickly en­deared plenty, par­tic­u­larly those who were al­ready fans of Slate and saw their re­la­tion­ship as Evans clearly rec­og­niz­ing how great she was.

Ben Af­fleck and Jen­nifer Garner

Length of re­la­tion­ship: More than a decade be­fore they first an­nounced their split (2015) and in 2017 when they filed di­vorce pa­pers. Why ev­ery­one took it so hard: Af­fleck was in the orig­i­nal su­per-cou­ple — with Jen­nifer Lopez (re­mem­ber “Ben­nifer?”). Then he went on to marry an­other Jen­nifer, and they had three chil­dren to­gether. Their mar­riage even helped save Af­fleck’s ca­reer. The two pro­jected an im­age that was both “nor­mal” and pic­ture-per­fect, one that even in­cluded con­fes­sions about the dif­fi­cult re­al­ity of mar­riage.

Ben Stiller and Chris­tine Tay­lor

Length of re­la­tion­ship: As a cou­ple, 18 years. Why ev­ery­one took it so hard: This one seemed to come to­tally out of the blue. Their re­la­tion­ship wasn’t ex­actly prime gos­sip fod­der for the tabloids. Tay­lor played op­po­site Stiller in some of his big­gest films (Dodge­ball, Zoolan­der), and their mar­riage was a sta­ple among Hol­ly­wood comedy cou­ples.

Su­san Saran­don and Tim Rob­bins

Length of re­la­tion­ship: To­gether for 23 years. Why ev­ery­one took it so hard: Saran­don and Rob­bins were con­sid­ered a Hol­ly­wood anom­aly, an en­dur­ing cou­ple whose match seemed primed to last a life­time. By the time they an­nounced their split, they had two grown sons. “Peo­ple were com­ing up to me in the street and say­ing ‘I cried and cried when I heard,’” Saran­don told the Tele­graph in 2010. “Well, I was sad­der! I didn’t think it would ever hap­pen, ei­ther.”

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