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So poor lit­tle Shane Keat­ing and a bunch of other coun­cil­lors’ feel­ings are hurt be­cause they are re­ceiv­ing flack for the lat­est waste of money called pub­lic art. They say they are not the peo­ple to com­plain to about this lat­est eye­sore. Oh re­ally? Well, I am sorry to say this, Mr. Keat­ing, but the mayor and city coun­cil are all to blame ex­cept those who didn’t vote in this id­i­otic rule that 1% of all cap­i­tal spend­ing be put to­wards pub­lic art. So Mr. Keat­ing and the rest of coun­cil, take your lumps be­cause the blame lays solely on your shoul­ders. It is time to scrap the pub­lic art rule so tax­pay­ers are not on the hook for any more of this garbage they re­fer to as art. If peo­ple want to see art, let them pay for it out of their own pock­ets at an art gallery. I don’t want to pay for or look at this garbage any­more.

SCOTT BROATCH (It’s to­tally on them, yet look at them duck for cover when it comes to an of­fi­cial an­swer on how this hap­pened.)

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