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have his or her art shown in a pub­lic space for free. Win, win for the artist and the tax­payer.

ROB McDOW­ELL (Artists de­serve to get prop­erly paid for their work.) to­tally rude and ig­no­rant of the self­ish new gen­er­a­tion to push for what they want for a fu­ture. Re­spect for us el­ders makes us won­der why we cre­ated the gen­er­a­tion who dis­re­spects us.

PHILIP HOMAN (No one has said nico­tine kills. But good luck with your ar­gu­ment.)

So the UCP and the Don­ald Trump of Al­berta think they have it all locked up for the next elec­tion. There’s a long way to go and how many times have the Wil­drose party been pre­dicted to win the elec­tion. Hardly any­one pre­dicted a NDP win in Al­berta, ei­ther. When you ask Ja­son Ken­ney about any of his poli­cies, he slips and slides out of an­swer­ing any ques­tions, just vague re­sponses about cut­ting the debt and how the NDP are the ru­ina­tion of Al­berta. Of course, any party other than the PCs would be the ru­ina­tion of Al­berta, ac­cord­ing to the party that feels it has the God-given right to rule Al­berta. How is he going to cut the deficit? Back to the days when hos­pi­tals were closed, teach­ers laid off with class­rooms of 40 or more pupils, no in­fra­struc­ture/road con­struc­tion, raid­ing of the Her­itage Trust Fund, se­niors left to them­selves with no safety net and, of course, back to the age old mantra of con­ser­vatism, the trickle down the­ory, give all the money to the rich and hope­fully some will trickle down to the rest. All the “friends” of the old PCs did quite well dur­ing their reign and I don’t see any changes with the new party un­der Ja­son Ken­ney, a fear mon­ger­ing, op­por­tunis­tic pro­fes­sional politi­cian. I just hope he will re­veal the con­trib­u­tors

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