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were shunned, if any? Does Cal­gary have a sin­gle artist or a group of col­lab­o­rat­ing artists ca­pa­ble of lead­ing a team that could ac­com­plish some­thing on a scale the city wanted? Did he make any ef­fort to help his read­ers know about the calls for en­try and vot­ing of the coun­cil be­fore the de­ci­sions were made? Did he in­ter­view the artist or any mon­u­men­tal pub­lic artist and find out how hard it is to make a thing that isn’t a build­ing stand that tall safely, and won­der if that level of ef­fort and plan­ning might ex­plain the cost? Some of that money went to con­struc­tion crews, and all man­ner of lo­cal busi­ness, many of them prob­a­bly small. Did he re­search any of that? Did he re­search the cost of per­mits the artist prob­a­bly bought that paid for city in­spec­tors to in­sure the safety of con­struc­tion and longevity of the piece? That money stayed in town. Did he look into how art helps youth — and some youth in his city will grow up to be artists, some will want to make mon­u­men­tal pub­lic art, and see­ing such pieces in their city will tell them that be­ing an artist is a wor­thy oc­cu­pa­tion that em­ploys oth­ers in grand en­deav­ours.

LOU HOR­TON (Rick is not the city’s arts guru but he knows ugly and waste.)

It is time the gov­ern­ments of Canada stopped goug­ing us smok­ers! While tobacco smoke may ir­ri­tate non-smok­ers, and may in some cases at­tribute to health is­sues, nico­tine is not a killer! Proof be­ing, I am 66 years old, and have smoked for over 55 years. I had the plea­sure of smok­ing with an 87-year-old lady who was as nor­mal as her 53-yearold daugh­ter smok­ing with her. The gov­ern­ment likes to put scare tactics on our cig­a­rette pack­ag­ing such as Barb Tar­box, who they claim died at age 44 from tobacco use. I am liv­ing proof, along with my 87-year-old lady friend, that that is a to­tal lie. Barb Tar­box, along with all the teeth pic­tures, the lung pic­tures, the throat pic­tures, etc., are all pro­pa­ganda for the gov­ern­ments to rape us smok­ers of our hard earned money. The ma­jor­ity of this coun­try was built by peo­ple like me who had a beer in one hand and a cig­a­rette in the other. It is

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